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Not just more pixels but better pixels


In the projector world, achieving high brightness with high resolution is always a challenge. The latest 4K resolution can only be effectively implemented via the DLP technology, effectively implemented in combination with SSL source technology. With a view to the future, only the latest SSL technology can truly fulfil the technology roadmap, which enables various benefits:

High brightness perfect colour

  • Bright laser light source with wider colour gamut
Stable and scalable
  • Dynamic dimming
  • Long term higher average light output
  • Mercury free and lower thermal emission
  • Reliable 20,000 hour laser life
  • Lower power consumption
  • No special service necessary

State of the art technology with investment and future-proof security


NEC’s solutions are a safe investment because we are leaders in new technology standards. That means our customers can be sure that the solutions we offer today are flexible and prepared for tomorrow as well.

Colour is nothing without control


Having a larger colour space is only part of the story, since only when combined with accurate image processing and colour calibration techniques dependable and realistic imaging can be guaranteed.

Best in class visualisation needs to have colours under control

  • IPS LCD Panel Technology
  • DLP/Solid State Light Source Technology
  • 3D LUT Technology
  • 14-bit LUT Hardware Calibration

Future Ready Expansion and Connectivity

NEC Display solutions offers the latest interfaces suitable for 4K UHD signals like DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI 2.0, 3G SDI and HDSDI, MHL or OPS option slot connectivity. An alternative way to make use of the tremendous 4K resolution is to use the powerful Picture-by-Picture and Multi-Source management features. These features allow multiple display of legacy FHD signals, side-by-side, to create a matrix of images. This is particular of interest when multiple legacy signal sources remain in use, and there is advantage in reducing the number of active displays, e.g. to free up desk space or even create a bezel-less 2x2 FHD video wall on a large format display.

Future Ready and Flexible Input Options include

  • OPS Expansion Boards
  • 2 × DVI Dual Channel
  • 4 × HDMI 1.4
  • DisplayPort 1.2
  • 4 × 3G SDI

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