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MultiSync 25th Anniversary - The Evolution of the MultiSync

MultiSync 25th Anniversary - The Evolution of the  MultiSync

The MultiSync display is greeting its 25th anniversary since its introduction in October 1985, and has by now surpassed 40 million units shipped.* We present to you the evolution of the MultiSync brand, a long-time seller thanks to its continuous pursuit of technological advances, striving for advances in quality, and high reliability.

  • *Number of displays shipped worldwide equipped with the MultiSync functionality

Creation of the MultiSync brand

In 1985 MultiSync, then known as NEC Home Electronics, was the first in the world to produce and sell a CRT monitor that could Self-Synchronize monitor display to differing horizontal and vertical frequencies from graphics adapters*1 and signals in various formats*2. The MultiSync brand was introduced to the U.S. market at that time. In Japan, MultiSync began sales in 1992, and by May 2010 MultiSync shipments worldwide had surpassed 40 million units.

  • *1:PCs and video cards that output image display signals.
  • *2:Signals with image configuration such as display screen aspect ratio and resolution.

MultiSync up until now

1985 MultiSync JC-1401P3
1987年 VESA established
1991 MultiSync 5FG
1994 MultiSync LCD1280
1998 MultiSync LCD1510
2001 MultiSync LCD1880SX
2002 MultiSync LCD3000
2005 MultiSync LCD2180WG LED
2006 MultiSync LCD2690WUXi/LCD2690WUXi(BK)
2007 MultiSync LCD4620/LCD4020
2009 MultiSync LCD-X461UN
2010 MultiSync  LCD-EX231W/LCD-EX231W-BK

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