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Designer piece, entertainer and sales professional – the M Series reflects a new age in visual communication.

Refined yet extroverted, the 40” M401, 46” M461 and 52” M521 attract people's attention and adapt seamlessly to even the most sophisticated architectural setups.A strong presence for brands in flagship stores anddesigner shops. A fashionable focus point in trendy bars, restaurants, hotel lobbies and fitness studios. An image carrier in business conference rooms and control centers. The M Series fascinates in all kinds on environments – as a stand -alone solution on an elegant aluminium stand, mounted or in multi-display installations.
These displays tout the Digital Signage Technology Suite, nearly 30 advanced features that enhance display management,improve screen performance andlower your total cost of ownership.

  • Full 1080p HD resolution provides stunning detail for video and broadcast applications
  • Built-in expansion slot future-proofs your display investment, allowing for seamless integration of NEC and third-party components,including an HD-SDI card, Media Player Card and DVI daisy chain capability
  • Digital video interface with HDCP supports high-definition components
  • Thermostatic cooling fans protect the display from overheating and extends its life
  • On Screen Display (OSD®) menu navigation simplifies image adjustments
  • GammaCompTM programmable lookup table, SpectraViewIITM Color Calibration Solution and adjustable color temperature(2600 - 10,000K) provide unrivaled control of color performance
  • CableCompTM long cable compensation provides flexibility when installing the display at distances far from a connected PC and keyboard
  • Six-way color control allows for precise and simplified color, color temperature and saturation adjustment
  • Rapid ResponseTM technology delivers virtually uninterrupted, undistorted viewing of high-speed, full- motion video
  • Advanced AccuBlendTM converts non-native resolutions to the display's resolution
  • Multiple aspect ratio control allows flexibility with today's many source choices
  • Available speakers and wall mount enhance the visual experience
  • Environmental friendliness (RoHS-compliant, low power consumption, biodegradable plastics) maximizes the user's investment and helps them be "green"

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A sophisticatedly designed model for retail

A sophisticatedly designed model for retailThe highly refined design and the detailed image quality of full HD will rapidly improve your shop’s ability to convey its image and the presence of its products.

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Easy DICOM mode for displaying images for medical use

Easy DICOM mode for displaying images for medical useall sorts of unique spacesDICOM Part 14 for displaying the standard gradation characteristics of images for medical use is preset in the manufacturing process. Medical images saved in DICOM format can be browsed.

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Green technology helps lead to a lower total cost of ownership

Eco-friendly features are aplenty in the M Series, decreasing energy consumption, lowering your expenses over the lifecycle of the display and contributing to your environmental consciousness. These include:

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Full connectivity and control with the option for expansion in every display

 *use under the environmental conditions noted in the specifications and user's manual

The M Series sets the standard for connectivity. Improved input options include quick input change, customized detection and naming. See below for the complete list of M Series input/output terminals.

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Model M401 M461 M521
Viewable Size (Diagonal) 40" 46" 52"
Panel Technology SPVA
Native Resolution 1920 x 1080
Pixel Pitch 0.461mm 0.530mm 0.6mm
Brightness (typical) 450 cd/m² 500 cd/m²
Contrast Ratio (typical) 4000:1 3000:1
Active Screen Area (W X H) 34.9 x 19.6 in. / 885.6 x 498.2mm 40.1 x 22.5 in. / 1018.1 x 572.7mm 45.4 x 25.5 in. / 1152.0 x 648.0mm
Input Terminals RGB1 (Digital) DVI-D
RGB2 (Analog) Analog 15-pin D-sub
RGB3 (Analog) 5 BNC (RGBHV)
RGB4 (Digtal) DisplayPort
Video 1 Composite (Shared RCA and BNC)
Video 2 S-Video
Video 3 HDMI
Component Video 1 (DVD/HD) Component BNC
Audio Audio 1 (MiniJack), Audio 2 and 3 Stereo (RCA), HDMI / Internal Speaker: None
Output Terminasl RGB Yes
Video Yes
Audio Yes
External Control RS-232 in/out for multiple monitor control, Ethernet, IR, DDC/CI
Audio Amplifier 15W Stereo
Additional Features Power management, Plug and Play (DDC/CI, DDC2B), PIP (remote), multi-level zoom, FullScan, 6-axis color, CableComp, TileMatrix, TileComp, screen saver, Rapid Response,video ready (tuner available), infrared remote control included, motion-adaptive 3D-Y/C comb filter, sRGB color, sleep timer, 24x7 scheduler
Power Requirements AC 100-120V / AC 220-240V @ 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption (typical) 175W 235W 290W
Power Consumption (Standby Mode) <4W
Bezel Width (L/R, T/B) 1.8 in. / 1.6 in. , 46.6mm / 40.6mm
Dimensions (without stand; WxHxD) 38.7 x 22.9 x 5.6 in. /
981.8 x 582.4 x 142.5mm
43.8 x 26 x 5.6 in. /
1112.8 x 659.4 x 142.5mm
49.7 x 29.6 x 5.7 in. /
1261.8 x 752.0 x 144.3mm
Packaging Dimensions (WxHxD) 45.2 x 30.7 x 21.3 in. /
1147 x 780 x 540mm
50.3 x 34.4 x 21.3 in. /
1278 x 875 x 540mm
60.5 x 37.1 x 13.1 in. /
1537 x 942 x 334mm
Net Weight (without stand) 55.1 lbs / 25.0 kg 65.7 lbs / 29.8 kg 85.1 lbs / 38.6 kg
Gross Weight (with box) 69.2 lbs. / 31.4 kg 82.7 lbs. / 37.5 kg 104.1 lbs. / 47.2 kg
VESA Hole Configuration 300 x 300mm (4 hole) 400 x 400mm (4 hole)
Operating Temperature 5-40°C / 41-104°F
Operating Humidity 20 - 80%
power cord, 15-pin D-sub cable, user manual, setup sheet, wireless remote control, batteries, CD-ROM
Optional Stand (ST-M401461),
external speakers (SP-M40),
Media Player Card (SB-L008KU),
DVI daisychain (SB-L008WU),
internal HD-SDI card (SB-L007KK)
Stand (ST-M401461),
external speakers (SP-M46),
Media Player Card (SB-L008KU)
DVI daisychain (SB-L008WU),
internal HD-SDI card (SB-L007KK)
Stand (ST-M401461),
external speakers (SP-RM1),
Media Player Card (SB-L008KU)
DVI daisychain (SB-L008WU),
internal HD-SDI card (SB-L007KK)
NOTE: Technical specifications are subject to change without notice.

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Dedicated Stereo Speakers

Dedicated Stereo Speakers SP-M46

Dedicated Stereo Speakers

Dedicated Stereo Speakers SP-M40

Dedicated Stereo Speakers

Dedicated Stereo Speakers SP-RM1

Example with speakers (optional) attached

Example with speakers (optional) attached

Dedicated Stand

Dedicated Stand 

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  • Although TFT colour LCD panels are produced with advanced technologies of very high accuracy, there may be some missing or defective pixels. Please note these phenomena are unavoidable.
  • Be advised that processing original images, such as compressing or extending, for public display on a wide screen TV in a public area whether or not for profit may infringe rights protected under copyright laws.
  • To connect the display to an Apple's Mac Series, an adapter (optional) may be required. Confirm the shape of the connector on your Apple's Mac Series. No adapter is required for connecting to a model with the mini D-sub 15-pin VGA connector.
  • The specifications and designs described in this site may be changed without notice.
  • Colours printed on this site may differ slightly from the actual product.
  • Confirm the terms of the guarantee certificate and store it carefully.
  • Read the operation manual carefully for proper use of the product.
  • Images on the screen are pasted. Software shown on the screen is used for demonstration purposes only and may not be available commercially.
  • All brand and product names are registered trademarks of their respective holders.
    Further trademark information

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