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LCD Monitor MultiSync PA241W-BK


Introducing the all new colour management compatible monitor equiped with NEC proprietary dual-screen display and emulation features.

SpectraView Engine enables accurate colour reproduction

The SpectraView EngineA newly developed image processing IC provides a 3-D look-up table and proprietary colour conversion algorithm that improve colour reproduction accuracy needed for colour management. A variety of industry standard colour gamuts including Adobe® RGB and sRGB can be accurately displayed, and new emulation features are available.

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Wide colour gamut with Adobe® RGB ratio 107%*, NTSC ratio 102%*

CIExy colour gamutThe PA241W achieves 98.1% Adobe® RGB coverage with its 10-bit input compatible wide colour gamut IPS LCD panel. Further more the CIEu'v' chromati city coordinates, considered superior to CIExy for visual display, boast 99.3% Adobe® RGB cove rage, accurately reproducing the original colours held in the Adobe® RGB data.
* Area ratio

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IPS LCD panel reproduces an easy-to-view picture with wide viewing angle

IPS LCD panel reproduces an easy-to-view picture
with wide viewing angleThe IPS (In-Plane-Switching) LCD panel suppresses colour change even when viewed f rom an angle, and maintains high resolut ion display wi th a wide viewing angle, makingit suited to situations where several people view the screen from various angles. An easy-to-view picture is reproduced and image sharing is possible.

Equipped with a Feedback Sensor for accurate adjustment

The internal accurate Feedback Sensor makes possible high a ccuracy adjustment to the desired display characteristics even without an external colour sensor. Additionally, the brightness stabilisation circuit automatically compensates for brightness instability generatedat power-up, stabilising brightness within seconds so you can get to work right away.

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14-bit Gamma Correction feature increases gamma correction accuracy

A 14-bit look-up table for each RGB colour makes possible display of 1.07 billion out of 4.3 trillion colours. Compared with 12-bit gamma correction (16.7 million out of 68 billion colours), this is adrastic improvement to gradation smoothness and colour resolution accuracy.

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Hardware Calibration Compatibility improves high precision correction

Hardware Calibration Compatibility improves high precision correctionThe NEC endorsed colour sensor facilitates automatic adjustment to match user-defined brightness, white point, and gamma value settings, and is compatible with SpectraView II (optional), which realises high accuracy hardware calibration with no jump in gradation. The ICC profile needed for colour management is automatically created and saved simultaneously.

Incredible convenience offered by NEC's dual picture display

Dual picture display possible with all inputs

The dual picture displayPicture in Picture and Picture by Picture dual picture display functions are available. When the monitor is oriented vertically, the image rotates and top and bottom displays are enabled, delivering high convenience.

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Dual picture display of differing Picture Modes for a single input

Dual picture display of differing Picture Modes for a single inputReal-Time Preview functionality makes possible dual picture display of differing Picture Modes for a single input signal. This dramatically enhances performance, allowing you to work while simultaneously checking the image in two modes such as Adobe® RGB data on the main screen and sRGB data on the sub-screen.

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Simultaneous print image display

Simultaneous print image displayBy combining the dual picture display feature with the print emulation feature, you can work while simultaneously checking the original image against an image close to its printed result. This eliminates the hassle of printing multiple times, increasing work efficiency while saving resources.

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NEC colour emulation that doesn't require colour management compatible software

ICC Profile Emulation feature

ICC Profile Emulation featureThe newly developed MultiProfiler allows many various ICC profiles to be reflected in the display, making possible high resolution colour reproduction even without colour management compatible software. Simple operation can set to colour gamuts such as sRGB or Adobe®RGB, and colour matching with third-party monitors is also supported.

MultiProfiler is free software downloadable here.

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Print emulation feature

Print emulation featurePrint images can be reproduced with out the need for colour management compatible software by using the MultiProfiler so the display reflects ICC profiles for industry standards such as Japan Colour, ICC profiles set and managed by print companies, or printer ICC profiles created by other colour management compatible software.

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Colour Vision Emulation feature

Colour Vision Emulation featureColour Universal Design makes society's colour environment easier to work with. An algorithm developed by NEC makes possible Type P, Type D, or Type T colour vision characteristics and contrast checking with the monitor alone. Colour affects all people, and now it is easy to work while aware of colour universal design.

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Rich features designed for ease of use that meet the rigorous demands of professionals.

Up to 5 image quality settings can saved with the Picture Mode feature

Brightness, white chromaticity, colour gamuts (RGB) ,and gradation characteristics can be adjusted with the monitor alone to suit the display image and computer settings, with up to 5 picture mode user presets. Even more representative, colour space is saved as a preset , allowing easy switching between desired image quality settings.

Picture Mode main preset
sRGB Standard colour space used for the internet and Windows
Adobe® RGB Wide colour gamut image quality setting suited for print design and high performance digital cameras.
DCI Display conditions suited for digital cinema
REC-Bt709 Settings conforming to HDTV colour space standards
DICOM Image quality settings suited to medical image referencing
PROGRAMMABLE Image quality settings saved by an application such as MultiProfiler

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MultiProfiler compatibility allowing high grade settings

MultiProfiler compatibility allowing high grade settingsMonitor settings can be changed from the computer with compatible MultiProfiler. By automatically creating and setting the ICC profile best suited to the image quality settings, computer and monitor settings can be easily matched. Display settings such as Picture Mode, Colour Emulation, and Dual Screen display can be easily changed from the computer.

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Uniformity Correction feature improves brightness & colour irregularities

Uniformity Correction featureMura across an image can occur due to the LCD panel manufacturing process, and the locations and conditions of such irregularities differ for each screen. The Irregularity Correction feature can correct these irregularities, enabling use of the full screen as a work space and automatically adjusting to the optimal conditions to meet the environment and monitor settings. Irregularity correction as well as gamma adjustment are also tailored to each individual monitor, allowing for minimal variance between units.

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4 inputs allowing for simultaneous connection of up to 4 computers

DisplayPort4 inputs for simultaneous connection of up to 4 computersA total of 4 connectors for computer signals includes 2 digital input capable DVI-D ports, a mini D-SUB 15-pin analog input only port, and a 10-bit input compatible DisplayPort that realises smooth, natural gradation expression with reproduction of 1.07 billion colours. Convenient for working with multiple older and newer model computers with differing operating systems.

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USB Hub feature for connecting multiple computers and USB devices

USB Hub feature2 USB upstream ports and 3 USB downstream ports are equipped. USB devices such as a keyboard and mouse connected to the monitor can be switched for use between 2 different computers. Also, in addition to the existing signal cable's DDC/CI transmission, monitor control by dedicated software (MultiProfiler, SpectraView II) via USB is made possible.

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Stand features further improve usability

The stand mechanism has been drastically improved, reducing the size by 38% and enabling left and right swivel adjustment with the base fixed.Usability has also been further improved by including the ability to adjust the monitor display height down to the stand base. The stand also has a pivot mechanism allowing the screen to be rotated 90 degrees for vertical display.*
* In order to use vertical display, a graphic board (separately purchased) with vertical display functionality is required.Stand Features for setting the stand freely to an easy-to-view position

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Auto Black Level adjustment feature* for reproducing subtle dark gradations

The Auto Black Level adjustment feature improves darker gradations and contrast even in cases where the computer produces discrepancies of signal level for b lack sections of animage. More natural colour reproduction with minimal underexposure is possible.
* Compatible with analog input.

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Auto Dimming feature* for reducing eye strain and fatigue

Auto Dimming featureThe Auto Dimming feature automatically adjusts the monitor brightness in response to room brightness. The internal illumination sensor works to constantly maintain optimum brightness so that eye strain can be reduced even in work environments requiring prolonged staring at the screen.
* If this function is used after calibration is performed, the calibration effects are nullified.

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Response Improve circuit for reducing afterimage effect for moving images

Response Improve circuitThe Response Improve circuit improves the grey level response speed, considered a weak point of LCD displays. Moving image playback and editing can be performed without stress thanks to the smooth, natural display performance with little sense of afterimage or discomfort.

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Model MultiSync PA241W-BK
Display Viewable Size Image 24"
Pixel Pitch 0.27mm
Pixels Per Inch 93@native resolution
Brightness(typical) 360cd / m²
Contrast Ratio(typical) 1000:1
Viewing Angle(typical) 178°Vert.,178°Hor. (89U/89D/89L/89R)@CR>5
Response Time(typical) 8ms Rapid ResponseTM(Gray-to-Gray)
Panel Bit Depth 14-bit internal 3D LUTs, displays
1.07billion colors out of 4.3 trillion(10-bit DisplayPort input);
16.7million colors out of 1.05 billion color palette(DVI-D input)
Color Gamut*1 Adobe RGB** Coverage / Size 98.1% / 107%
NTSC Coverage / Size 93.2% / 102.2%
sRGB Coverage / Size 100% / 144.3%
Synchronization Range Horizontal 31.5-93.8 / 118.4kHz(Analog) / 31.5-91.9 / 118.4kHz(Digital)
Vertical 50-85Hz
Input Signal Video Sync Analog RGB 0.7Vp-p / 75Ohms
Separate sync: TTL Level (Positive / Negative)
Composite sync: TTL Level (Positive / Negative)
Composite sync on green:(0.3Vp-p negative 0.7Vp-p positive)
Inputs DisplayPort, DVI-D(2)& VGA 15-pin D-sub
Resolutions Supported(Analog / Digital) 720 x 400@70-85Hz
640 x 480@60-85Hz
800 x 600@56-85Hz
832 x 624@75Hz
1024 x 768@60-85Hz
1152 x 864@70-85Hz
1152 x 870@75Hz
1280 x 960@60Hz
1280 x 1024@60-85Hz
1400 x 1050@60-75Hz
1440 x 900@60-85Hz
1600 x 1200@60-75Hz
1920 x 1200@60Hz
1024 x 1280@60Hz
1200 x 1920@60Hz
720 x 480p@60Hz
720 x 576p@50Hz
1280 x 720p@50-60Hz
1920 x 1080p@50-60Hz
640 x 400@70-85Hz
720 x 400@70-85Hz
640 x 480@60-85Hz
800 x 600@56-85Hz
832 x 624@75Hz
1024 x 768@60-85Hz
1152 x 864@70-85Hz
1152 x 870@75Hz
1280 x 960@60Hz
1280 x 1024@60-85Hz
1400 x 1050@60-75Hz
1440 x 900@60-85Hz
1600 x 1200@60Hz
1920 x 1200@60Hz
1024 x 1280@60Hz
720 x 480p@60Hz
720 x 576p@50Hz
1280 x 720p@50-60Hz
1920 x 1080p@50-60Hz
Native Resolution 1920 x 1200
Additional Features USB hub(2up / 3down)with DisplaySync Pro, Picture-in-Picture,
Picture-by-Picture, ICC Profile Emulation, Color Vision Emulation,
14-bit 3D LUTs, Adobe RGB, DICOM, ColorComp, overdrive,
ECO Mode, cable management, touch-enabled, tilt, swivel, pivot,
150mm height-adjustable stand with locking base,
No Touch Auto Adjust, quick release stand, VESA Mount, TCO 5.0
Touch-Capable Designed for integration
Voltage Rating AC100-120V / AC220-240V
Power Consumption
On 95W(without USB active) / 114W(with USB active)
Power Savings Mode 1W(without USB active)/ 15W(with USB active)
Dimensions(W x H x D) Net(with stand) 21.9 x 14.9-20.8 x 9 in. / 556.8 x 378-528 x 227.6mm
Net(without stand) 21.9 x 14.3 x 3.3 in. / 556.8 x 362.4 x 85mm
Net Weight (with stand) 23.4 lbs. / 10.6kg
(without stand) 16.3 lbs. / 7.4kg
VESA Hole Configuration Specifications 100 x 100mm
Environmental Conditions Operating Temperature 5-35°C / 41-95°F
Operating Humidity 30-80%
Operating Altitude 3048m / 10,000ft.
Storage Temperature -10-60°C / 14-140°F
Storage Humidity 10-85%
Storage Altitude 12,192m / 40,000ft.
Safety Standards UL / C-UL, CE, Gost / PCT, PSB, CCC, NOM, TUV GS,
FCC Class B / Canadian DOC, C-tick, MPR III, VCCI (class2)

*1 Color gamut size and coverage calculated as 2-D gamut area in CIE 1931 xy colorspace. Size is the total relative display gamut area and includes any colors outside the reference gamut. Coverage is the relative display gamut area contained inside the reference gamut. NTSC values provided for comparison purposes - modern broadcast video uses SMPTE-C,ITU-R BT, 709-5/sRGB or EBU primatries.
*2 AdobeRGB is a standard defined by Adobe Systems Incorporated.
  NOTE: Technical specifications are subject to change without notice.

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MultiSync PA241W-BK Dimension


Shade hood

24-inch model HDPA212426

Shading hoodDedicated shade hood reduces ambient light effects. Using this product reduces reflected glare caused by fluorescent lights, etc. A window is equipped at the top to facilitate calibration with the shade hood attached.

* This product is for horizontal display only. It cannot be used with vertical display.

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  • An adapter (optional) may be required to connect the display to an Apple computer. Confirm the shape of the connector on your Apple computer. No adapter is required to connect a model with the 15pin Mini D-sub VGA connector.
  • This product satisfies the criteria for the International Energy Star Program as a participating company in the International Energy Star Program.
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  • Colours printed on this site may differ slightly from the actual product.
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