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The NC1100L laser light source projector is the first of its kind to be DCI-compliant. This model features a built-in laser light source and is the ideal digital cinema projection solution for theaters with small screens or projection booths that are looking for high-quality cinema projection. This projector’s reliability, maintenance-free operation and approximately 20,000*1 hours of lifetime result in an overall lower total cost of ownership. The 2K DCI-compliant cinema quality means an outstanding image that is bright enough to display 14 ft-L on screens up to 36ft./11m*2 in DCI color.

  • *2 assuming 1.8:1 gain screen

An “all in one” Integrated Media Server with 2 TB Raid5 Storage offers versatile connectivity and savings with less peripheral devices needed. A host of integrated features includes a built-in 2 TB Raid5 screen server, 2 x 3GSDI and 1 x HDMI™ Interfaces, advanced network and built-in GPIO functions.


Delivering Genuine Benefits

  • Maintenance-free operation for a long period of time with approximately 20,000*1 hours expected usage of the light source and DMD
    • -Higher reliability
    • -Dramatically lower running cost due to savings of:
      • (a)No lamp replacement
      • (b)No maintenance labor
      • (c)No need of stocking lamps
  • Play captivating 3D content - take your establishment into the next generation and stay ahead of the competition with the latest digital content, an increasingly essential element of the latest movies and media
  • Highly flexible - as no exhaust system is required, the NC1100L is suitable for floor and ceiling installation and versatile content playback

Outstanding Performance

  • Steady and reliable operation without any risk of black screen
    • -No downtime while exhibition of contents with Laser Light Source, with which brightness may slightly decrease
  • Longevity and lower maintenance provide for greater customer satisfaction with the introduction of the laser light source NC1100L projector.
  • Enjoy lower TCO - up to 20,000*1 hours of lifetime keeps costs to a minimum. You can enjoy better quality imaging while experiencing an overall lower cost of ownership. Brightness decreases in a linear fashion resulting in consistent image quality and greater satisfaction for your customers.
  • *1This life time may vary depending upon environmental conditions.


  Projection Method 3-chip DMD reflection method
Light Source Laser light source, Recommended replacement time: 20,000hours, Output adjustment range: 30-100%
Lenses (Option) Z Series
ZM Series
Lens Zoom / Focus Motorized
Lens Shift Z Series (motorized) -0.5 to +0.55 Vertical, +/-0.11 Horizontal
ZM series (motorized) -0.5 to +0.5 Vertical, +/-0.11 Horizontal
Resolution 2048 x 1080
Supported Screen Size (max) Up to 36ft./11m @ 14ft-L in DCI color (@1 .8 gain screen)
Contrast Ratio 1750:1
Cooling Method Air cooling with dust-preventing electrostatic filter
DMD Specifications 0.69" DLP chip
  Input Terminals  
  IMS (Option) 1 x HDMI™, 2 x 3GSDI bidirectional (input and output), 3 x USB Type A, 1 x eSATA
Projector (Optional Boards) NC-80DS01-B: 2 x dual HDSDI, 2 x DVI (HDCP)
NC-80LB01-B: 2 x dual HDSDI, 2 x DVI (HDCP) + Enigma (for cinema server)
Output Terminals (IMS:Option) 2 x RJ45 (16-channel AES3-EBU Digital Audio) / 24 bits up to 96 KHz
External Control  
  IMS (Option) 2 x RJ45 (4 GPI and 6 GPO) / 2 x RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet
Projector 1 x RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet / 1 x GPIO (D-sub 37 pin female) / 1 x GPIO (3D) (D-sub 15 pin female)
  Power Requirements 220 - 240V AC, 50/60Hz Single Phase
  Input Current 8.2A @240V AC
Power Consumption 1608W
  External Dimensions 27.6 x 41*3 x 12.4 in. / 700 x 1042*3 x 314mm
*3 includes lens hood - 7.7in/195mm
Weight 63Kg (Excluding lens)
Fan Noise 54 dB
  Operating Temperature 50° – 95°F / 10° – 35°C
Humidity 10 – 85 % non-condensing
Storage -14° – 122°F / -10° – 50°C
  USA UL60950-1 FCC Part15 ClassA
Europe EN60950-1 EN55022 Class A, EN55024, EN61000-3-2/-3-3
Oceania IEC60950-1 RCM, AS/NZS CISPR.22 Class A
Asia IEC60950-1 EN55022 Class A, EN55024, EN61000-3-2/-3-3
Korea K60950-1 K00022 Class A, K00024, K61000-3-11
India IS13252 EN55022 Class A, EN55024, EN61000-3-2/-3-3
Laser IEC60825-1 Ed.2:2007 Class 3R
IMS(Option) Integrated Storage Server: 2 TB RAID5
Integrated SMS
Full HFR 3D Suppor t (48 Hz/eye, 60 Hz/eye)

Lenses (Option)

Z Series

Model Name Throw Ratio F-number, f-number
NP-9LS16Z1 1.63 - 2.03:1 F=2.5, f= 25.5 - 32 mm
NP-9LS20Z1 2.03 - 2.72:1 F=2.5, f= 31.9 - 42.6 mm

ZM Series

Model Name Throw Ratio F-number, f-number
NP-9LS12ZM1 1.2 - 1.72:1 F=2.5, f=18.6 - 26.7 mm
NP-9LS13ZM1 1.33 - 2.1:1 F=2.5, f=20.7 - 32.7 mm
NP-9LS16ZM1 1.62 - 2.7:1 F=2.5, f=25.2 - 42.0 mm
NP-9LS20ZM1 2.09 - 3.9:1 F=2.5, f=32.2 - 60.3 mm


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