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Digital Cinema Projector Series

NC1700L Laser Projector



DCI-Compliant Laser Light Source Projector

The NC1700L features a built-in laser light source and is the ideal digital cinema projection solution for theaters with small and mid-sized screens or projection booths that are looking for highquality cinema projection. This projector’s reliability, maintenance-free operation and 30,000* hours lifetime result in a lower total cost of ownership.
The 2K DCI-compliant cinema quality means an outstanding image that is bright enough to display 14 ft-L on screens up to 55.8 ft./17m** in DCI colour.

  • *The lifetime is not warranty. Screen width may vary depending upon environmental conditions.
  • **Screen width may vary depending upon environmental conditions.

Delivering Genuine Benefits

  • Maintenance-free operation for a long period of time with 30,000* hours of expected usage of the light source and DLP Cinema® chips.
    • -Higher reliability
    • -Lower running cost due to savings of:
      • (a)No lamp replacement
      • (b)No maintenance labour
      • (c)No need of Stocking lamps
  • Play captivating 3D content - take your establishment into the next generation and stay ahead of the competition with the latest digital content, an increasingly essential element of the latest movies and media.
  • Highly flexible - as no exhaust system is required, the NC1700L is suitable for floor and ceiling installation and versatile content playback.

Integrated Media Server NP-90MS02 (Option)

Super Dust ProtectionIntegrated Media Server NP-90MS02

An “all in one” integrated media server with 2 TB of RAID 5 storage offers versatile connectivity and savings with fewer peripheral devices needed. A host of integrated features includes a built-in 2 TB RAID 5 screen server, 2 × 3GSDI and 1 × HDMI interfaces, and advanced network and built-in GPIO functions.

Outstanding Performance

  • The RB laser system features red and blue lasers paired with green phosphor to produce a rich colour spectrum with unsurpassed brightness for the ultimate cinema experience.
  • Steady and reliable operation without any risk of black screen. No downtime during the exhibition of contents with the laser light source, with which brightness may slightly decrease.
  • Enjoy lower TCO - up to 30,000* hours of lifetime keeps costs to a minimum. You can enjoy better quality imaging while experiencing an overall lower cost of ownership. Brightness decreases in a linear fashion resulting in consistent image quality and greater satisfaction for your customers.

Super Dust Protection

  • NEC’s unique cooling system includes separate independent cooling sections for dust protection in both the optical engine and light source offering the best overall performance while providing theatre owners piece of mind.



adopting Red Laser in addition to Blue Laser.


for easy installation.


a trouble free one-stop solution.


including two 3G-SDI interfaces and 1 HDMI interface.
through IMS.


OPTICAL Projection Method 3 chip DLP reflection method (DLP light Engine)
Light Source Laser (Blue and Red) with Phosphor (Green)
Expected Life* 30,000 hours
DLP Cinema® Chip 0.69" DC2K
Resolution 2,048 × 1,080
Brightness 14,000 lm
Contrast Ratio 1,750:1
Throw Ratio NP-9LS12ZM1 1.2 – 1.72
NP-9LS13ZM1 1.33 – 2.1
NP-9LS16ZM1 1.62 – 2.7
NP-9LS20ZM1 2.09 – 3.9
NP-9LS40ZM1 4.07 – 6.34
Lens Zoom / Focus Motorised
F-number, f-number NP-9LS12ZM1 F-2.5, f = 18.6 – 26.7mm
NP-9LS13ZM1 F-2.5, f = 20.7 – 32.7mm
NP-9LS16ZM1 F-2.5, f = 25.2 – 42.0mm
NP-9LS20ZM1 F-2.5, f = 32.2 – 60.3mm
NP-9LS40ZM1 F-2.5, f = 62.1 – 97.8mm
Lens Shift** -0.5 to +0.5 Vertical, +/-0.11 Horizontal
Supported Screen Size (max)*** Up to 17 m / 55.8 ft
Tilt Angle projector foot +10 (up) / -15 (down) degrees adjustable
Cooling Method Projector Air Cooled
Laser/Phosphor Liquid Cooled with external chiller
External Controls 2 × RJ45 (4 GPI and 6 GPO); 3 × RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet
Input Terminals 1 × USB Type 2.0; 2 × 3GSDI bidirectional (input and output);
2 × USB Type 3.0; eSATA; HDMI
Output Terminals 2 × RJ45 (16-channel AES3-EBU Digital Audio)
Additional Features HFR 3D Support (48 Hz/eye, 60 Hz/eye); Integrated SMS;
Integrated Storage: 2 TB (DCP, RAID5); NAS support
Connectivity Projectors External Controls 1 × GPIO (3D) (D-sub 15 pin female);
1 × GPIO (D-sub 37 pin female);
1 × RJ45 100Base-T
ELECTRICAL Power Requirements Projector 200 – 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz Single Phase
Chiller 200 – 240 V AC, 50 Hz Single Phase / 220 – 240 V AC,
60 Hz Single Phase
Input Current Projector 10.3 A @ 200 V AC
Chiller 9.2 A @ 200 V AC at 50 Hz
Power Consumption Projector 1,945 W
Chiller 1,640 W @ 200 V AC at 50 Hz
MECHANICAL External Dimensions****
(W x D x H)
Projector 700 (W) × 930 (D) × 326 (H) mm
Chiller 700 (W) × 650 (D) × 575 (H) mm
Weight Projector 68.5 kg (Excluding lens)
Chiller 108 kg (Excluding coolant)
Fan Noise Projector 55 dB
Chiller 60 dB
ENVIRONMENTAL Operating Temperature 50° – 95°F / 10° – 35°C
Humidity 10 – 85 % non-condensing
Storage -14° – 122°F / -10° – 35°C
REGULATIONS Oceania Projector IEC60950-1, AS / NZS CISPR. 22 ClassA (Marking: RCM)
Chiller AS / NZS 61000.6.2 / 4 / 3.3 (Marking RCM)
Korea Projector K60950-1, KN32, KN35 ClassA (Marking KC)
Chiller KN32, KN35 ClassA (Marking KC)
India Projector IS13252 (PART 1) 2010 (Marking BIS)
Chiller -
Taiwan Projector CNS14336-1, CNS13438 (Marking BSMI)
Chiller -
Other Asia Projector IEC60950-1, EN55024, EN55032 CLASS A,
EN61000-3-2 / -3-3 (Marking CE)
Chiller IEC60335-1/-2-40, IEC62233,
EN61000-3-2 / -3-3 / -6-2 / -6-4 (Marking CE)
LASER / LAMP STANDARD IEC60825-1 Ed.3: 2014 Class1, IEC62471-5: 2015 RG3

  • *The lifetime may vary depending upon environmental conditions. This lifetime is not warranty
  • **Lens Shift slightly varies depending on each lens
  • ***Screen width may vary depending upon environmental conditions.
  • ****Without protrusions



  1. Projector: NP-NC1700L
  2. Chiller: NP-17CU01
  3. Coolant for Chiller: NP-17AL02



NP-9LS12ZM1, NP-9LS13ZM1, NP-9LS16ZM1
NP-9LS20ZM1, NP-9LS40ZM1

Integrated Media Server




These products have been equipped with a laser module and is classified as Class1 of IEC60825-1 2014 and RG3 of IEC62471-5 2015. DO NOT LOOK DIRECTLY INTO THE BEAM.

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