• XGA (1024 x 768) resolution
  • Exceptional Brightness: 3400 ANSI lumens
  • Convenient Auto Focus
  • Innovative Auto Wall Colour Correction
  • Wired and Wireless LAN Capability
  • 3D Reform Correction for Unrestricted Installation Layout
  • The Auto 3D Reform automatically adjusts image size to screen size
  • Comprehensive Array of Input/Output Terminals for Immediate Connectivity
  • DVI Input Support
  • Long Life Lamp: 4000 hours (with optional MT60LPS Extended Life Lamp)
  • Quietness: Less than 29 dB (with optional MT60LPS Extended Life Lamp)
  • Short Focus: Throwing distances are 100 inches at 3m and 60 inches at 1.8m. (Zoom ratio = 1.35)
With the innovative built-in image sensor, the first of its kind in the industry *1, Auto Focus and the Auto Wall Colour Correction*2 have been realized.
Introduction of the 2-D image sensor enables the Auto Focus and the Auto Wall Colour Correction to automatically adjust the focus and colour tone of projected images with just the press of a button. Images are bright and clearly focused even when projected on a lightly coloured wall.The Auto Focus projects a focus pattern on the screen at first, then automatically adjusts the focus by capturing the image with the image sensor, turning the focus lens, and judging the point when the edge of the pattern image is most clear.Auto Wall Colour Correction is a technology for correcting W (White), R (Red), G (Green) and B (Blue) by using a new colour correction application technology unique to NEC and the image sensor. This will first project a test pattern in W (White), R (Red), G (Green) and B (Blue), and then the respective colour conditions will be detected with the image sensor. This reproduces the colours as close as possible to the original colour by detecting differences in the projected colour and the original colour, and then making the reverse correction.
* 1: As of September 2002 (Researched by us)
* 2: This function is available for projection sizes of 40" to 150". Depending on the room brightness or screen conditions, proper performance may not be obtained.
The 3D Reform for projecting from an angled position and the Auto 3D Reform automatically correct images.
With the newly developed chip from NEC, the 3D Reform function corrects 3D distortions not obtainable with ordinary four direction trapezoid correction (top and bottom, right and left) and is capable of projecting more vivid images. When a distorted image is projected, make the correction simply by setting the four corners. *1 Since it is possible to project from a position of projection angles up to 40 degrees vertically and 34 degrees horizontally, you can install the projector anywhere it does not obstruct your presentation, in contrast with ordinary projectors that had to be installed in front of the screen. Flexibility of projector position is dramatically expanded. Furthermore, the MT1065 can zoom while maintaining the corrected image, and then with the Auto 3D Reform image sensor senses (recognizes) *3 the screen shape and automatically corrects the image to fit the screen. *4
*1 Since it is an electrical correction, the brightness or image quality may be deteriorated.
*2 As a result of reviewing the measuring method, the correctable angle can be changed.
*3 For actual operation, there are some restrictions such as using a screen with a frame, etc.
*4 If the firmware version is Ver.1.09 or later,the projector is equipped with the Auto 3D Reform. In case that the firmware version is earlier than Ver.1.09, to use the Auto 3D Reform, you need to download the update file from the download page and install the firmware upgrade.
The method to confirm the version of the MT1060/1065 firmware
Download MT1060/1065 Update Software
This supports wireless and wired LAN. The lamp lifetime and error messages will be reported through e-mails.
LAN connections (wireless/wired) are possible between multiple PC's and the projector by using the optional wireless LAN card or a wired LAN card commercially available. Since conference participants can transfer data from their own PC's and it can be projected directly without cables, you can proceed with conferences without interruption to discussions. It is also possible to use multiple projectors simultaneously to project images in a large venue. With the newly developed technology by NEC, high quality images on a PC screen can be transferred efficiently and quickly. By using the Dynamic Image Utility, collectively monitor and control the projector's state (confirmation of the time duration for using the lamp, ON/OFF of the power, input signal switching etc.) from your desktop PC through the network, as well as transferring and displaying image files. Furthermore, receive notifications of lamp lifetime or error messages to the e-mail address set previously.
By using the long-life lamp (optional), the lamp lifetime has a maximum of 4000 hours and generates low noise at a level of only 29 dB.
In the power saving Lamp Eco mode, lamp lifetime can be extended up to 3000 hours. With the long-life lamp for the MT60LPS, lamp lifetime can be extended up to a maximum of 4000 hours. With these features, you can drastically save costs and labour for replacing lamps. Furthermore, by introducing our unique separate cooling method and large exhaust fan, low noise operation at a level of 29 dB has been achieved when the long-life lamp is used. (34 dB for the Lamp Eco mode, and 39 dB for Normal mode). You can enjoy images projected on a large sized screen under very quiet circumstances.
The throwing distance has been shortened by introducing the short focus lens
With the short focus lens, it is possible to project images on a large-sized screen with a short throwing distance. (It is possible to project images on a screen of 100" with a throwing distance of 3 m.) Project an impressive image even when installing the projector in a classroom, conference room, or small meeting room.
Three types of security functions, Prevention of improper operations, Prevention of settings changes, and Prevention of illegal use are provided.
In order to prevent unauthorized persons from operating the projector, the Control Panel Key Lock function disables buttons on the main unit and operates only with the remote control. For instance, it can prevent improper operations by students when used in a classroom. It is also possible to keep unauthorized persons from changing the settings (the menu and the background logo data) of the projector by using a password. Furthermore, it is also possible to prohibit anyone from operating the projector without authorization by providing an authentication setting with a registered PC card. This is effective for preventing theft.
With the Viewer function using a PC card, you can make a presentation without a PC.
Since two PC card slots (PCMCIA TYPE II ATA specification) are incorporated into the main unit, you can easily make a presentation using still images, such as JPEG files, by inserting a commercially available PC card. It is optimum for immediately projecting still images photographed with a digital camera. Since there are two slots, you can use a PC card and a wireless (wired) LAN card simultaneously.
USB memory device and USB memory card reader can be used.
Not only the flash memory card but USB memory device can be connected to project images stored in USB memory or used as a protection key. Furthermore, by connecting USB memory card reader, you can manipulate the data on the memory cards or use various kinds of memory cards as a protection key.
For the available USB memory device and USB memory card reader, please refer to this.
By connecting a USB mouse (included in the standard set), you can operate the projector in the same way as a PC.
By connecting a USB mouse (including in the standard set), you can also operate 3D Reform function, the on-screen menu with a mouse, and select an image recorded on a PC card, as well. With the Chalkboard function, you can draw lines or simple drawings on the projected screen by using the USB mouse, so that you can arrange your presentation more attractively. (Compliant with USB standard Version 1.1)Since the functions are displayed with a pull-down menu like Windows, projector operation is similar to a PC. You can switch between the Basic menu containing often-used functions and the advanced menu for more detailed adjustments and operation. Furthermore, you can display customized menus.
A high power 5W+5W stereo speakers are included.
Since the output of the speakers is a powerful 5W+5W, it is convenient when you use the projector in a seminar room or a classroom.
Substantial input terminals
Substantial input terminals, including DVI-D port and BNC port, etc., are included.
The multi functional presentation remote controller with a built-in laser pointer is included.
All basic operations required during a presentation are concentrated in the wireless remote controller. You can perform the mouse operations of a PC as well as controlling the projector. Signals from the remote controller can be received in a 360-degree angle. Since there are no limitations on where the presenter stands, you can concentrate on your presentation.
* This product complies with Class 2 standards for lasers (JIS C 6802:1998)

LCD Panel

1.0" (1024 x 768) p-Si LCD x 3 with Micro Lens Array


Power Zoom / Focus


275W (Normal Mode) / 220W (Eco Mode) / 160W (Long Life Lamp Mode)

Image Size


Light Output

Normal Mode : 3400 ANSI Lumens
Eco Mode : 2700 ANSI Lumens
Long Life Lamp Mode : 2000 ANSI Lumens

Synchronization Range

Horizontal 15-100kHz (RGB : 24kHz or over)
Vertical 48-120Hz (Non - interlaced)

Input Signals

RGB (Digital) : VGA, SVGA, XGA, SXGA(60Hz)
Video Component : NTSC, PAL, SECAM, NTSC4.43, PAL-N, PAL-M, PAL-60
DTV 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 480p, 480i/60Hz
DTV 1080i/50Hz, Progressive PAL-scan/50Hz
DVD Component Video Signal (15kHz)


RGB Input : 1 BNC (R/G/B/H/V) with Stereo-mini Audio
1 mini D-SUB 15 pin with Stereo-mini Audio
1 DVI-D with Stereo-mini Audio
Video Input : 1 RCA with Stereo RCA Audio
S-Video Input : 1 DIN 4pin with Stereo RCA Audio
RGB Output : 1 mini D-SUB 15 pin with Stereo-mini Audio
Wired Remote Input : 1 Stereo-mini
USB (PC) : B Type Remote Mouse Out / PC Control
USB (Mouse/HUB) :A Type Mouse Control for PJ or USB Storage / USB HUB-Out from PC (Selectable)
Audio Output : Stereo RCA (Variable Output)
PC Control : D-SUB 9 pin (Male) Serial Terminal
PC Card : 2 PCMCIA Slots for LAN and Storage


5W x 2 Stereo Speakers, with Volume, Bass and Treble Control

Fan Noise <39dB (Normal Mode) / <34dB (Eco Mode) / <29dB (Long Life Lamp Mode)

Power Requirement

100-120V / 200-240V AC, 50Hz/60Hz

Power Consumption

390W (Normal) / Stand-by Mode : Approx. 1W

Dimensions (WxHxD)

334 mm x 115 mm x 323 mm (Not including protrusions)

Net Weight

5.9 Kg


Long Life Lamp Mode, Low Fan Noise, Advanced Colour Management System,Full Function 360 degree Remote System, USB Mouse Operation, Front Ventilation, PC Card Viewer, 3 Mode On Screen Menu, Security System
Replacement Lamp (MT60LP) Extended Life Lamp (MT60LPS) Ceiling Mount Kit
Component Video Cable
Replacement Lamp(MT60LP) Extended Life Lamp(MT60LPS) Ceiling Mount Kit(MT60CM) Component Video Cable
1:2.7-4.2 Long Focus Zoom Lens(MT60-26ZL) 1:1 Short Focus Fixed Lens(MT60-10RL)
Brightness (Average)
Lamp mode:Normal
2700ANSI lm(MT1065) Brightness (Average)
Lamp mode:Normal
2700ANSI lm(MT1065)
2500ANSI lm(MT1060) 2500ANSI lm(MT1060)
2700ANSI lm(MT860) 2700ANSI lm(MT860)
Long Focus Zoom Lens(MT60-26ZL) Short Focus Fixed Lens(MT60-10RL)

Wireless LAN Card
Wireless LAN Card Available Country or Area List
SWL-2100N-NU U.S.A, Canada
SWL-2100N-NE Spain, Portugal, Italy, U.K, Ireland,Iceland, Germany,Switzerland,Austria, Liechtenstein,Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg,Denmark, Sweden,Norway, Finland, Greece, SouthAfrica, Hongkong, Malaysia,Australia
SWL-2100N-NF France
  • Commercially available cable LAN card : 3com 3CCE589ET
Throwing Distance and Image Size

Model codes, specifications and available options may differ by region.
For detailed information, please contact the NEC sales company or dealer in your area.

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