Easy stacking function with a maximum of four projectors enables higher brightness projection cost-effectively. Networkable projectors supporting Windows Vista. Cinematic video powered by HQV (Hollywood Quality Video).
  • High Brightness up to 5000 ANSI Lumens (NP3250)
  • Five optional lenses available for Flexible installation
  • Manual lens shift
  • Wired/wireless LAN capable
  • Picture-in-Picture and Side-by-Side function
  • Multiple input/output terminals

Functions and Features

High brightness projection with Easy Stacking Function

The Easy Stacking FunctionThe Easy Stacking function maximize the brightness upto four projectors aligned vertically or horizontally. Brightness with four NP3250 projectors will be 5000 ANSI lumens × 4 units. In other words, high brightness equivalent to about 20000 lumens at maximum can be achieved. Since multiple projectors project images, it is possible to arrange the projectors so that the images on the screen will not be disrupted even if the power of either one of the projectors is turned off or anybody or anything obstructs the front of one of the projectors displaying images. Although it used to take time to set up a stack installation with ordinary projectors, a stack configuration with this projector is easy because of the Geometric Correction Tool built into the projector, the camera for the adjustment, and the newly developed dedicated software when installing the projector. The stack function requires that you download the Stacking Correction Tool utility software for installation on your PC, and then connect the supporting camera to the PC through the USB connector. Since the adjustment data will be stored in the projector, the PC and the camera are no longer required after initial setup.
The tool is free of charge and available from mid-August, 2009.

Supported OS Windows XP/Vista 32-bit
Required component Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5
Sun Microsystems Java (Version 6 update 7 or later)
Supported camera * Digital camera Canon EOS Rebel XSi (in North America)
Canon EOS Rebel T1i (in North America)
Canon EOS 450D (in Germany)
Web camera Logitech QuickCam® Pro 9000
Logitech QuickCam® Pro for Notebooks
Logitech® Webcam Pro 9000
Logitech® Webcam C600
* The model names are for Japan. The model name may vary depending on the countries and regions. The Easy Stacking Function

A link is opened in a new window.Please see the flash animation about The Easy Stacking function.

A link is opened in a new window.Download of Stacking Collection Tool.

• Create correction data by fetching a test pattern projected by the projector successively with the camera.
* When installing multiple projectors side by side, be sure that the exhaust port of the projector and the air intake of the other one are kept away from each other.

Support for Windows Media Connect and Shared Folder

Files of still pictures and video images stored on a PC connected to the LAN or a server can be played back directly with the projector via the network. For the Shared Folder, video image files can be played back directly with the viewer of the projector even if Windows Media Player is not installed on the PC. Since the projector reads files on the PC or the server directly, it is not necessary to use any media, such as USB memory devices, reducing the risk of information leakage. Since the existing network environment can be used as is, it is also not necessary to provide a new environment.

Playable file formats : Windows Media Connect : JPEG, MPEG-2, WMV Shared Folder : JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG, MPEG-2, WMV

Networkable projectors supporting Windows Vista

The projectors support "Windows Network Projector" function, which is one of the brand-new features introduced with Windows Vista. You can make presentations from your PC via the network without connecting RGB cable, if your PC is running Windows Vista. You don't need to install any proprietary software application on your PC. Like using a networked printer, you can simply select which projector to use from the list presented on your PC screen. Furthermore, it is possible to remotely operate a PC installed some distance away from the projector via the network by using “Windows Remote Desktop” function.

  • Windows Network Projector
  • Windows Remote Desktop
  • Windows Network Projector Windows Remote Desktop
    A PC connected to LAN automatically detects projectors on the network.

    *The network projector function is not available with Windows Vista Home Basic. The remote desktop function is not available with Windows Vista Home Basic and Windows Vista (32-bit version) Home Premium.
    When you connect a USB mouse and keyboard to the projector, you can remotely operate your PC via the network.

    *Use a commercially available USB mouse and USB keyboard (US layout version). We do not warrant that the USB port of the projector will support all USB mouse and USB keyboards in the market.

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    Cinematic video powered by HQV (Hollywood Quality Video)

    HQVHD-like, vivid and crisp DVD images can be projected with the Reon VX video processor using HQV technology from Integrated Device Technology, Inc.
    HQV represents an enormous leap in video processing, with true flagship performance in noise reduction, de-interlacing and scaling.

  • 3 : 2 Pull down Detection
  • Diagonal Interpolation to remove "jaggies"
    Not HQV   HQV Not HQV   HQV

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    The projector supports wired/wireless LAN

    Optional Wireless LAN unitBy connecting a LAN cable to the LAN port (RJ-45) on the projector or installing the wireless LAN unit on the projector, it is possible to transfer screen images from the PC to the projector more quickly (2 to 3 times faster than conventional models from NEC) for on-screen presentation using Image Express Utility 2.0 software (Windows XP/2000 are available). This projector can change presenters with a single operation. The person who wants to speak can send images from his/her PC to the projector just by clicking the "Become a Presenter" button. Furthermore, for a presentation in a large conference room, participants can confirm details of the projected images, such as small characters, etc., with their own PCs. A presenter can distribute files or documents used in the presentation through the network. And it is possible to turn the power of the projector on and off and switch input signals from a PC via the network.
    Model name of the wireless LAN unit varies depending on the country where the unit is used (or to be used).
    Operation of the USB Wireless LAN Unit is subject to the regulations of the countries listed below, and may be prohibited from using outside the country where you purchased.If you need to use the projector with the unit abroad, remove the USB Wireless LAN Unit from the projector before exporting.

    Table of Supported Areas and Countries
    NP01LM1 (option)
    For Asia,Oceania,
    Middle and Near East,
    South America
    Thailand , China , Hong Kong , Singapore, South Korea , Malaysia , Vietnam , India , Australia , New Zealand , United Arab Emirates , Saudi Arabia , Oman , Peru , Chile , Russia , Indonesia , South Africa , Turkey , Ukraine , Philippines
    (Installed, or also available as an Option)
    For Europe
    United Kingdom , Germany , France , Italy , Spain , Greece , Denmark , Belgium ,The Netherlands , Finland , Sweden , Portugal , Luxembourg , Ireland , Austria ,Poland , Hungary , Czech , Slovak , Slovenia , Malta , Estonia , Cyprus , Latvia , Lithuania , Romania , Bulgaria , Norway , Iceland , Liechtenstein , Switerland
    (Installed, or also available as an Option)
    For North America
    United States , Canada , Mexico
    NP01LM4 (Installed*)
    NP01LM5 (option)
    For Asia,
    South America
    Argentina , Taiwan
    Note that the USB port (Type A) and the USB Wireless LAN Unit cannot be used at the same time. When connecting a USB device such as a USB mouse, USB keyboard, or USB memory, first remove the USB Wireless LAN Unit from the projector.
    *Available as Service parts, not as an Option.

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    Picture-in-Picture and Side-by-Side function

    This function projects two different signals simultaneously. The main picture signal supports the COMPUTER 1 and 2 inputs. The sub picture signal supports the VIDEO and S-Video inputs.

    Picture in pictureAn image of picture-in-picture. A sub picture can be displayed either at the top-left, the top-right, the bottom-left, or the bottom right in the main picture.

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    Five types of optional lenses available for Flexible installation

    In order to support a variety of Installations, five types of lenses are available in addition to the standard lens. The projector supports screens from 30 to 500 inches; select the optimum lens depending on the specific installation environment, such as conference rooms, halls, and exhibitions. For a 100-inch screen, projection is possible at a distance 1.66 m (Wide Angle Fixed Lens) or between 2.4 m to 14.7 m. Lenses are easily replaced by the customer and do not require special tools.

    Model Standard NP01FL NP02ZL NP03ZL NP04ZL NP05ZL
    Lens type Zoom Lens Wide Angle Fixed Lens ZoomLens Zoom Lens Zoom Lens Zoom Lens
    Option Lens Standard NP01FL NP02ZL NP03ZL NP04ZL NP05ZL
    Zoom/Focus Manual Manual
    (Focus only)
    Manual Manual Manual Manual
    Zoom Ratio 1.33 - 1.3 1.58 1.6 1.52
    Throw Ratio 1.5-2.0:1 0.8:1 1.2-1.5:1 1.9-3.1:1 3.0-4.8:1 4.7-7.2:1
    Screen Size 30-500 inch 40-150 inch 30-500 inch 40-500 inch 60-500 inch 60-500 inch
    Brightness NP3250 5000 ANSI lm 3700 ANSI lm 4000 ANSI lm 4300 ANSI lm 4200 ANSI lm 4000 ANSI lm
    NP2250 4200 ANSI lm 3200 ANSI lm 3400 ANSI lm 3600 ANSI lm 3500 ANSI lm 3400 ANSI lm
    NP1250 3700 ANSI lm 3000 ANSI lm 3100 ANSI lm 3300 ANSI lm 3200 ANSI lm 3100 ANSI lm
    NP3250W 4000 ANSI lm 3000 ANSI lm 3200 ANSI lm 3300 ANSI lm 3300 ANSI lm 3200 ANSI lm
    Lens Shift Vertical Max +0.5V 0 Max +0.5V Max +0.5V Max +0.5V Max +0.5V
    Horizontal Max ±0.1H 0 Max ±0.1H Max ±0.1H Max ±0.1H Max ±0.1H
    Weight 0.63 kg 1.1 kg 1.1 kg 1.13 kg 0.89 kg 0.92 kg
    * : This is the brightness value when the lamp mode is set to "Normal Mode" and the preset mode is "High brightness mode". If the lamp mode is switched to "Eco Mode", the brightness will drop to about 80% in the NP3250 and NP3250W. For the NP2250 and NP1250 to the brightness drops to about 88%. If any other mode is selected as the preset mode, brightness may drop slightly.

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    Throwing Distance

    NP3250 / NP2250 / NP1250 (Aspect Ratio 4 : 3)

    Screen Size
    Throwing Distance (m)
    Standard NP01FL NP02ZL NP03ZL NP04ZL NP05ZL
    30"(0.61×0.46m) 0.9-1.2 - 0.7-0.9 - - -
    40"(0.81×0.61m) 1.2-1.6 0.64 0.9-1.2 1.6-2.5 - -
    60"(1.22×0.91m) 1.8-2.5 0.98 1.4-1.9 2.4-3.8 3.6-5.8 5.7-8.8
    80"(1.63×1.22m) 2.5-3.3 1.32 1.9-2.5 3.2-5.1 4.8-7.8 7.7-11.7
    100"(2.03×1.52m) 3.1-4.1 1.66 2.4-3.2 4.0-6.4 6.1-9.8 9.6-14.7
    120"(2.44×1.83m) 3.7-5.0 2.00 2.9-3.8 4.8-7.7 7.3-11.8 11.6-17.7
    150"(3.05×2.29m) 4.7-6.2 2.50 3.7-4.8 6.0-9.6 9.2-14.8 14.5-22.2
    200"(4.06×3.05m) 6.2-8.3 - 4.9-6.4 8.1-12.8 12.3-19.7 19.4-29.6
    300"(6.10×4.57m) 9.4-12.5 - 7.4-9.6 12.2-19.3 18.5-29.7 29.2-44.5
    400"(8.13×6.10m) 12.5-16.7 - 9.9-12.9 16.2-25.7 24.7-39.6 39.0-59.4
    500"(10.16×7.62m) 15.7-20.8 - 12.4-16.1 20.3-32.1 30.9-49.5 48.9-74.4
    * Stated projection distances are standard values. For a stack installation, the recommended projection distances will be different.
    * The values in the tables are design values and may vary.

    NEC Projector Throw Distance Calculator :NP3250W

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    Manual lens shift for simple adjustment of projected images on screen and Keystone correction

    With the manual lens shift mechanism, the position of projected images on screen can be adjusted in both the vertical and horizontal directions without moving the main unit. Furthermore, Keystone correction corrects distortions in the vertical and horizontal directions up to a maximum +/- 40 degrees in the horizontal direction and a maximum +/- 30 degrees in the vertical direction. Keystone correction can be operated by remote control.

    Lens Shift The Lens Shift Dial

    The Lens Shift Dial
    (Right / Left, Up / Down)
    on the top side of the projector.

    * Shifting the lens to the maximum in two directions combined will cause the edges of the image to become dark or will cause some shadows.
    * The Lens Shift function is not available for the NP01FL.

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    Multiple input/output terminals including DVI (digital) , BNC, and built-in stereo speakers

    Multiple input/output terminals include analogue RGB, 5-core BNC, DVI (digital), video, and S-video. (The analogue RGB and BNC also support component inputs.) The 10W (5W+5W) stereo speakers are built in to provide audiovisual conditions with high image and audio qualities. Furthermore, the Viewer feature allows you to view slides stored on a USB memory on the projector. Even if no computer is available, presentations can be conducted simply with the projector. Terminal area

    A link is opened in a new window.Please click, so terminals area will be enlarged.

    *To use the Viewer, first you need to create presentation materials on your PC (JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG). Use commercially available USB memory devices. We do not warrant that the USB port of the projector will support all USB memory devices in the market.

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    4 4 4 4
    Model Name NP3250 NP2250 NP1250
    LCD Panel *1 0.8 - inch (1024 × 768) LCD with MLA
    (Aspect Ratio 4:3)
    Lens Manual Zoom / Focus Throw ratio 1.5-2.0:1, F1.7-2.2, f=24.4-32.5mm
    (Standard Lens)
    Manual Shift *2 Horizontal : max±0.1H / Vertical : max+0.5V
    Projection Distance 0.89m to 20.8m (Standard Lens)
    Projection Angle 0 to 14.4deg (Wide) / 0 to 10.8deg (Tele)
    Lamp (Eco Mode/Nomal Mode) 264W / 330W AC 264W / 300W AC
    Lamp Life *3 (Eco Mode/Nomal Mode) 3000H / 2000H
    Light Output *4 *5 Normal Mode 5,000 ANSI lumens 4,200 ANSI lumens 3,700 ANSI lumens
    Eco Mode Approx. 80% of Normal Approx. 88% of Normal
    Contrast Ratio (White / Black) 600 : 1
    Quietness(Eco Mode/Nomal Mode) 31dB / 38dB 30dB / 34dB 30dB / 33dB
    Image Size (Diagonal) 30inch to 500inch (0.76m to 12.7m) (Standard Lens)
    Maximum Resolution Analog : UXGA (1600 × 1200) , Digital : SXGA+ (1400 × 1050)
    Keystone Correction Horizontal Manual Approx. ±Max 40 degrees (Standard Lens) *6
    Vertical Manual Approx. ±Max 30 degrees (Standard Lens) *6
    Synchronization Range Horizontal 15kHz to 108kHz (RGB : 24kHz or over)
    Vertical 48Hz to 120Hz
    Video Bandwidth Analog RGB : 165MHz (Maximum sampling rate) , Digital RGB : 121.75MHz (Max TMDS clock)
    Colour Reproduction 10 - bit signal processing (1.07 billion colours)
    (Computer3, Viewer, Network : 16.7 million colours)
    Input Terminals 3 Computer Input 1 D-Sub Mini 15pin (Computer 1 IN)
    1 BNC × 5 (Computer 2 IN)
    Compatible signals VGA, SVGA, XGA, WXGA, WXGA+, SXGA, SXGA+, WSXGA+, UXGA
    RGB (Analog) 0.7Vp-p/75Ω
    H / V Sync 4.0Vp-p/TTL Level
    Composite Sync 4.0Vp-p/TTL Level
    Sync on G 1.0Vp-p/75Ω(with Sync) Negative Polarity
    2 Stereo Mini Jack Stereo L / R 0.5Vrms/22kΩ or over
    1 DVI-D (Computer 3 IN) Compatible signals VGA,SVGA,XGA,WXGA+,SXGA (up to 60Hz)/480p,576p,720p,1080i (RGB)
    RGB (Digital) T.M.D.S. Specification, with H.D.C.P. , Max Resolution : SXGA+/60Hz
    1 Stereo Mini Jack Stereo L / R 0.5Vrms/22kΩ or over
    3 Component Input 1 RCA pin × 3
    1 D-Sub Mini 15pin
    (Sharing with Computer 1 IN)
    1 BNC × 5
    (Sharing with Computer 2 IN)
    Y 1.0Vp-p/75Ω(with Sync)
    Cb•Cr (Pb•Pr) 0.7Vp-p/75Ω
    Compatible signals 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i/60Hz
    576i, 576p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p/50Hz
    DVD Progressive (50/60Hz)
    1 RCA pin Stereo L
    0.5Vrms/22kΩ or over
    Audio Input is Sharing with Computer 1&2 Same with Computer
    1 Video Input 1 RCA pin Composite Video NTSC/NTSC4.43/PAL/PAL-N/PAL-M/PAL-60/SECAM
    1 RCA pin × 2 Stereo L (MONO)/R 0.5Vrms/22kΩ or over
    1 S-Video Input Mini DIN-4pin Y 1.0Vp-p/75Ω
    C 0.286Vp-p/75Ω
    Audio Input is Sharing with Video Same with Video
    Output Terminals 1 Monitor Output 1 D-Sub Mini 15pin Selected Computer 1, Computer2 or Component Signal
    1 Audio Output 1 Stereo Mini Jack Stereo L / R Variable Output Level
    Selected Computer1, Computer2, Computer3, Component,
    Video , S-Video Signal
    Control Terminals 1 USB Port Type A USB2.0
    1 LAN Port RJ - 45 100BASE-TX/10BASE-T
    1 Wireless LAN (USB Port) Type A IEEE 802.11b/g (NP01LM1 / NP01LM5)
    1 REMOTE Stereo Mini Jack Wired Remote Control
    1 PC Control D-sub 9pin RS-232C
    Built-In Speaker 10W (5W+5W Stereo)
    Environment Operational Temperatures 5° C to 40° C(Eco Mode selected automatically at 35° C to 40° C), 20% to 80% Humidity
    Storage Temperatures -10° C to 50° C, 20% to 80% Humidity
    Power Requirement 100 to 240V AC, 50Hz/60Hz
    Input Current 5.9-2.3A 5.5-2.2A
    Power Consumption Normal Mode 490W 460W
    Eco Mode 410W
    Standby Mode 26W
    Heat Dissipation 1672BTU (Max)
    Regulations For United States UL Approved (UL 60950-1), Meets FCC Class B Requirements
    For Canada C-UL Approved (CSA 60950-1), Meets DOC Canada Class B Requirements
    For Asia / Oceania IEC60950-1, Meets AS/NZS CISPR.22 Class B
    For Europe Meets EMC Directive (EN55022 Class B, EN55024, EN61000 - 3 - 2, EN61000 - 3 - 3), Meets Low Voltage Directive (EN60950 - 1, TÜV GS Approved)
    For Korea KC (safety : K60950 - 1, EMC : K00022, K00024, K61000 - 3 - 2)
    For China GB4943, GB9254, GB17625.1
    For Russia Gost R 60950 - 1, 51318.22, 51317.3.2./3.3.
    Dimensions (W × H × D) 399mm × 150.5mm × 358mm
    (Not Including Protrusions)
    Net Weight 7.3kg
    *1 : Effective pixels are more than 99.99%.
    *2 : The Lens Shift function is not available for the NP01FL.
    *3 : Lamp life is defined as the average time span for the brightness of the lamp to be reduced by half, it dose not refer to the warranty period for the lamp.
    *4 : This is the light output value (ANSI lumens) when the [PRESET] mode is set to [HIGH-BRIGHT]. If any other mode is selected as the [PRESET] mode, the light output value may drop slightly.
    *5 : Compliance with ISO21118-2005
    *6 : When the lens shift is set to the center. When the lens shift is used and yet the image is not displayed in the center of the screen, the adjustable range will be increased or decreased. Image is projected in Wide (Zoom lever).
    All specifications are subject to change without notice.

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    Replacement lamp
    Replacement lamp NP06LP
    Ceiling mount kit
    Ceiling mount kit NP05CM

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    Model codes, specifications and available options may differ by region.
    For detailed information, please contact the NEC sales company or dealer in your area.

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