Dual lamp system in the high brightness projector
demonstrates high reliability and superior installation flexibility.
  • High brightness with dual lamp system
    • NP4100 achieves 6200 ANSI lumens
    • NP4100W achieves 5500 ANSI lumens
  • Extended lamp life
    • Lamp ECO mode serves 3000 hours
  • Ecologic adaptation
    • Power consumption in Standby Mode is 1W

Functions and Features

Dual lamp system provides high brightness of 6200 ANSI lumens.
Continuous use is also possible when using a single lamp mode.

Image of Dual Lamp SystemBy employing a dual lamp system, high brightness of 6200 ANSI lumens has been achieved *¹. This is sufficient when high brightness is required in large venues. Furthermore, in the Single lamp mode, since the projector can be operated continuously by using the automatic lamp switching function, it is suitable for monitoring purposes. Lamp Eco mode is available in both the dual lamp and single lamp modes for extending the service life of the lamp *². The lamp service life has been extended to 3000 hours from 2500 hours in the NP4000/NP4001, so that it is possible to continuously operate the projector for more hours.

*1: For the NP4100. The brightness of the NP4100W is 5500 lumens.
*2: When the lamp mode is set to ECO mode, the brightness will be reduced to about 80%.
*3: The illustration is an image of the dual lamp system, which may differ from the actual product.

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Ecological operation with power consumption of 1 W in standby mode

If the standby mode is set to Power Saving while the projector is in the standby state, the power consumption in standby mode becomes 1 W (5 W in the NP4000/NP4001). Since the projector can stay in the standby state with little power consumption, it is still possible to ecologically operate the projector when mounted on the ceiling even if it is difficult to turn off the main power.

* The projector in power saving mode can be started with the power button on the projector, the wireless remote controller, or GPIO (an external controller) only.

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WXGA chip for wide-format images (NP4100W)

Since the NP4100W has a WXGA (1280 X 800) panel with an aspect ratio of 16:10, it is capable of handling WXGA resolution and wide video images such as DVDs.

* The existing NP4001 has a WXGA (1280 X 768) panel with an aspect ratio of 15:9.

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Tilt Free expansion possibility for installation environments

Tilt FreeTilt Free makes it possible to install the projector inclined up to 90 degrees in the vertical direction. With this function it is possible to install the projector with an acute angle or mirror reflection for use in a broader range of installation environments such as a display in a commercial facility or special event.

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Supporting the optional remote controller NP02RC to which the control ID can be registered

NP02RCWhen multiple projectors are used simultaneously, the same quantity of remote controllers may be required. On the other hand, NP02RC can manipulate multiple NP4100/NP4100W projectors independently by setting separate ID numbers.
It is also possible to control the multiple projectors collectively by setting the same ID number.

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The power can be controlled intensively with Auto Start and Direct Power Off

The NP4100/NP4100W start projecting images automatically when AC power is supplied and you can turn off the power source with a switch or a circuit breaker while projecting images or running the fan. With these functions, it is possible to completely control the power supply to the projector with the power distribution board.

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A contrast ratio of 2100:1 is achieved using DynamicBlack™ and the DLP technology

DLPWith the introduction of DynamicBlack™ the projector delivers high contrast ratio of 2100:1 for superior image display capability, particularly to express the vivid details in dark images.

* DynamicBlack™ works only in Dual Lamp Mode.

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Two types of Replaceable Colour Wheel and BrilliantColor project vivid images

Colour wheel illustrationThe NP4100/NP4100W have a six-segment colour wheel, in addition to the standard four-segment colour wheel - and the colour wheels can be changed by the customer. The BrilliantColor results in superior reproducibility of neutral tints for vivid images of natural scenery.

* The brightness when using the six-segment colour wheel is about 71% of the brightness when using the four-segment colour wheel.

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High connectivity supporting several different image sources

TerminalsUnits are equipped with DVI-D, component, and RGB input/output terminals.
Integrated 3W+3W stereo speakers make it possible to output sound together with images.

A link is opened in a new window.Please click, so terminals area will be enlarged.

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Five types of lenses selectable for the installation environment

Five different lenses are available to support a variety of uses. The projector supports screens from 40 to 500 inches; select the optimum lens depending on the specific installation environment, such as conference rooms, halls, and exhibitions. For a 100-inch screen, projection is possible at a distance 1.6 m (short fixed focus lens) or between 2.7 m to 17.1 m for the NP4100, while projection is possible at a distance 1.7 m (short fixed focus lens) or between 2.9 m to 18.4 m for the NP4100W. Lenses are easily replaced by the customer and do not require special tools.

* Note: Lenses are not attached to the NP4100/NP4100W.

Lens type Short Focus Fixed Lens Zoom Lens Zoom Lens Zoom Lens Zoom Lens
Option Lens NP06FL NP07ZL NP08ZL NP09ZL NP10ZL
Zoom/Focus Power
(Focus Only)
Power Power Power Power
Zoom Ratio 1.00 1.34 1.32 2.00 1.87
Throw Ratio *¹ 0.77 : 1 1.33 - 1.79 : 1 1.78 - 2.35 : 1 2.22 - 4.43 : 1 4.43 - 8.3 : 1
Screen Size 50 - 200 40 - 500 40 - 500 40 - 500 40 - 500
Brightness *²
NP4100 2-Lamp
5000 5500 6200 5500 4300
1-Lamp Mode 2500 2700 3100 2700 2100
NP4100W 2-Lamp Mode 4500 4900 5500 4900 3800
1-Lamp Mode 2200 2400 2700 2400 1900
Lens Shift Vertica 0 Max +0.5V Max +0.5V Max +0.5V Max +0.5V
Horizontal 0 Max ±0.1H Max ±0.1H Max ±0.1H Max ±0.1H
Weight 1.0kg 1.1kg 0.8kg 1.1kg 0.9kg
*1 : The throw distance to the screen: The width of the screen
*2 : This is the brightness when the four-segment colour wheel is installed on the projector and the lamp mode is set to Normal mode. In Eco mode, the brightness will be about 80% of normal mode.

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Projection range of lens (image projected on a 100-inch screen)

Projection range of lens

A link is opened in a new window.Throwing Distance and Screen Size

NEC Projector Throw Distance Calculator : NP4100 NP4100W

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Powered lens shift mechanism for simple adjustment of projected images on screen and Keystone correction

With the powered lens shift mechanism, the position of projected images on screen can be adjusted in both the vertical and horizontal directions without moving the projector. Furthermore, Keystone correction corrects distortions in the vertical and horizontal directions up to a maximum +/- 35 degrees in the horizontal direction and a maximum +/- 40 degrees in the vertical direction. Adjustment of lens zoom and focus, as well as Lens shift and Keystone correction, can be operated for the projector installed on the ceiling with the remote control.

Lens Shift The Lens Shift Dial

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Model Name NP4100 NP4100W
DLP Chip 0.7 inch Single DLP chip (Aspect Ratio 4:3) 0.65 inch Single DLP chip (Aspect Ratio 16:10)
Resolution *1 1024 x 768 pixels 1280 x 800 pixels
Lens *2 Powered Zoom / Focus NP06FL Power focus, throw ratio 0.77:1, F2.0, f=11.4mm
NP07ZL Power zoom and focus, throw ratio 1.33–1.79:1, F1.8–2.3, f=19.3–25.8mm
NP08ZL Power zoom and focus, throw ratio 1.78–2.35:1, F1.7–1.9, f=26–34mm
NP09ZL Power zoom and focus, throw ratio 2.22–4.43:1, F2.1–2.9, f=32–63mm
NP10ZL Power zoom and focus, throw ratio 4.43–8.3:1, F2.2–3.1, f=63.5–117.4mm
Powered Shift *3
(NP07ZL, NP08ZL, NP09ZL, NP10ZL)
Horizontal : max±0.1H / Vertical : max+0.5V
Light Output *4 *5 Normal Mode
(with 4–Segment colour wheel *6, NP08ZL)
6200 ANSI lumens
(Dual Lamp)
3100 ANSI lumens
(Single Lamp)
5500 ANSI lumens
(Dual Lamp)
2700 ANSI lumens
(Single Lamp)
Eco Mode Approx.80% of Normal
Contrast Ratio (White / Black) 1000 : 1 / 2100 : 1with DynamicBlack *7
Quietness Nomal Mode 38dB (Dual Lamp) / 34dB (Single Lamp)
Eco Mode 34dB (Dual Lamp) / 31dB (Single Lamp)
Lamp (Eco Mode) 280W (230W) AC
Lamp Life *8 (Eco Mode) 2000H (3000H)
Image Size (Diagonal) NP06FL 50 to 200 inch (1.27 to 5.08m)
NP07ZL, NP08ZL, NP09ZL, NP10ZL 40 to 500 inch (1.02 to 12.7m)
Projection Distance NP06FL 0.78m to 3.24m 0.84m to 3.48m
NP07ZL, NP08ZL, NP09ZL, NP10ZL 1.06m (NP07ZL / Wide) to 86.36m (NP10ZL / Tele) 1.14m (NP07ZL / Wide) to 92.52m (NP10ZL / Tele)
Projection Angle 8.9 degree to 12.1 degree with NP08ZL 7.3 degree to 10.0 degree with NP08ZL
Colour Reproduction Full Colour, 16.7 Million Colours Simultaneously
Maximum Resolution Analog UXGA(1600 x 1200) @60Hz
Digital SXGA+(1400 x 1050) @60Hz WXGA+(1440 x 900) @75Hz
Keystone Correction Horizontal Manual Approx. ±Max 35 degrees (Less than XGA resolution, aspect 4:3) Manual Approx. ±Max 35 degrees (Less than WXGA resolution, aspect 16:10)
Vertical Manual Approx. ±Max40 degrees (Less than XGA resolution, aspect 4:3) Manual Approx. ±Max40 degrees (Less than WXGA resolution, aspect 16:10)
Synchronization Range Horizontal 15kHz, 31kHz to 90kHz (RGB : 31kHz or over)
Vertical 50 Hz to 85 Hz
Input Terminals 3 Computer Input 1 D-Sub Mini 15pin (Computer 1 IN)
1 BNC x 5 (Computer 2 IN)
Compatible signals *9 VGA, SVGA, XGA, WXGA, WXGA+, SXGA, SXGA+, UXGA
RGB (Analog) *9 0.7 Vp - p / 75 Ω
H / V Sync *9 TTL Level
Composite Sync *9 TTL Level
Sync on G *9 1.0 Vp - p / 75 Ω (with Sync)Negative Polarity
2 Stereo Mini Jack Stereo L / R 0.5 Vrms / 22 kΩ or over
1 DVI-D (Computer 3 IN) RGB (Digital) T.M.D.S. Specification, with H.D.C.P. *10 , Max Resolution : SXGA+/60Hz
1 Stereo Mini Jack Stereo L/R 0.5 Vrms / 22 kΩ or over
3 Component Input 1 RCA pin x 3
1 D-Sub Mini 15pin (Sharing with Computer 1 IN)
1 BNC x 5
(Sharing with Computer 2 IN)
Y 1.0Vp–p / 75Ω (with Sync)
Cb • Cr (Pb • Pr) 0.7 Vp - p / 75 Ω
Compatible signals 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p @60Hz /
576i, 576p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p @50Hz
DVD Progressive Signals (50 / 60 Hz)
2 RCA pin Stereo L (MONO)/ R 0.5 Vrms (Typical) / 47 kΩ
Audio Input is Sharing with Computer 2 Same With Computer
1 Video Input 1 RCA pin Composite Video NTSC / NTSC4.43 / PAL / PAL - N / PAL - M / PAL - 60 / SECAM
1.0 Vp - p / 75 Ω
2 RCA pin Stereo L(MONO) / R 0.5 Vrms (Typical) / 47 kΩ
1 S-Video Input 1 Mini DIN-4pin Y 0.714 Vp - p / 75 Ω
C 0.286 Vp - p / 75 Ω
Audio Input is Sharing with Video Same with Video
Output Terminals 1 RGB Output 1 D-Sub Mini 15pin Selected Computer 1,Computer2 or Component Signal Input
1 Audio Output 1 Stereo Mini Jack Stereo L / R Variable Output Level
Selected Audio Signal input from Computer1, Computer2, Computer3 (DVI–D), Component, Video or S–Video
1 Screen Trigger 1 Stereo Mini Jack 12 V DC 200 mA
Control Terminals LAN Port 1 RJ - 45 100 BASE - TX / 10 BASE - T
USB Port 1 Type B for Service
REMOTE 1 1 D-Sub Mini 15 pin for External Control Device
REMOTE 2 1 Stereo Mini Jack Wired Remote Control
PC Control 1 D-sub 9pin RS - 232C
Built-In Speaker 3 W + 3 W Stereo
Environment Operational Temperatures 5°C to 40°C, 20 to 80 % Humidity (Non - Condensing)
Storage Temperatures -10°C to 50°C, 20 to 80 % Humidity (Non - Condensing)
Power Requirement 100 to 240 V AC, 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Input Current 7.5A (Dual Lamp Normal Mode, 100V)
Power Consumption Normal Mode 710W (Dual Lamp)/ 375W (Single Lamp) (100V)
Eco Mode 580W (Dual Lamp)/ 315W (Single Lamp) (100V)
Standby Mode 30W (Normal Mode) / 1W (Power Saving)
Regulations Safety Oceania IEC60950–1
Asia IEC60950–1
Korea EK (K60950–1)
China GB4943, GB9254, GB17625.1
EMC Oceania AS/NZS CISPR.22 Class B
Asia CISPR.22 Class B
Korea EK (K00022 Class B, K00024, K61000–3–2, K61000–3–3)
China GB9254, GB17625.1
Dimensions (W x H x D) 505mm x 197mm x 385mm (Not Including Protrusions)
Net Weight 17.5kg (Not Including Lens)
*1 : Effective pixels are more than 99.99%.
*2 : Lenses are not attached to the NP4100 and NP4100W.
*3 : The Lens Shift function is not available for the NP06FL.
When the Lens Shift is set as 0%(H) / Vertical Offset=50%, Throw Ratio=1.78
*4 : This is the light output value (lumens) when the [Preset] mode is set to [High-Bright].
If any other mode is selected as the [Preset] mode, the light output value may drop slight.
*5 : Compliance with ISO21118
*6 : The brightness when using the 6-segment colour wheel is about 71% of the brightness
when using the 4-segment colour wheel.
*7 : DynamicBlack™ technology works only in 2-Lamp Mode.
*8 : Lamp life is defined as the average time span for the brightness of the lamp to be reduced by half,
it dose not refer to the warranty period for the lamp.
*9 : Under some conditions of input signals, the auto adjustment of video images may not be available,
and manual adjustment may be required. In the case of composite sync signals or sync on G signals,
it may not display properly.
*10 : HDCP is an acronym for High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection.
High bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) is a system
for preventing illegal copying of video data sent over a Digital Visual Interface (DVI).
If you are unable to view material via the DVI input, this does not necessarily mean the projector is not
functioning properly. With the implementation of HDCP, there may be cases in which certain content is
protected with HDCP and might not be displayed due to the decision/intention of the HDCP community
(Digital Content Protection, LLC).
All specifications are subject to change without notice.

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Replacement lamp
Replacement lamp NP12LP
Ceiling mount kit
Ceiling mount kit NP06CM

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