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DisplayNote® NEC Edition

What is DisplayNote?


DisplayNote is an interactive tool that allows participants in a meeting or students in a classroom to share and view documents and notes on the screens of all participating PCs or tablets.

Compatible with multiple operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS, Android, and iOS. DisplayNote can be launched on different devices allowing the user to participate in meetings or lessons and view the same screen as everyone else.

All participants can write on the same screen, or individual screens can be projected on the host's PC screen; you can also send private messages to individual participants.

On the host PC screen, you can also display the projector's remote control and use it to control the projector.

Usable Situation

In meetings

In meetings

While holding a meeting, the presenter can project data saved on the host PC using the large screen display or the projector's screen.

  • This allows you to hold paper-less meetings since data can be viewed on the participant PCs or tablets.
  • If the screen for the host PC is a touch panel display, you can explain with writing directly onto the screen.
  • Participants can write on their own PCs or tablets, or take notes, and then save the data for later use.
  • You can also launch your email software and then send an image of the screen to someone who is not attending the meeting.

In the classroom

In classroom

DisplayNote enables the teacher to teach toggling textbooks displayed on the large display or projected on the large screen page by page.

  • DisplayNote also allows underlining or circling on screen to present key points more visually.
  • The teacher is able to select a PC or tablet of students to display their screen on the host PC's large screen. Students can actively participate in lessons on a sharing basis. The teacher can also send messages to selected students he wish to send to.

DisplayNote and the DisplayNote logo are trademarks, registered trademarks, or service marks of DisplayNote Technologies, Ltd. in the UK and other countries.

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