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Reasons for a New Projector Light Source

Reasons for a New Projector Light Source

The demands of the market increase

  • More brightness
  • Wider colour space
  • Higher contrast
  • Higher resolution
  • Larger images
  • Less energy consumption
  • Less maintenance
  • Environmentally friendly materials

Irrespective if it is a monitor or a projector, the market expects more...

Solid State Illumination

Optical Architecture of a LED Light Source

SSL offers new benefits

  • Illumination source lifetimes of 20,000 hours or even more
  • More brightness – up to 70,000 lumens
  • Lower brightness decline during life time
  • Better brightness uniformity
  • Generally maintenance free, as no lamp replacement necessary
  • Higher reliability
  • Higher contrast
  • Wider colour gamut
  • Lower energy consumption and lower thermal emission
  • Instant on/off capability, flexible brightness adjustment (20-100%)
  • Mercury free

There are numerous benefits with a solid state light source, but the bottom line is that they more closely address the needs of the market and SSL is being adopted in growing numbers.

The qualitative brightness superiority and potential for energy savings combined with the significant reduction of maintenance cost makes it likely that SSL will eventually replace lamp-based projection systems as the primary projection light source (by 2019 up to 69% of installation market according to Futuresource).

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