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Authoring software

FAQ for MediaPlayer

Introduction of the Software

This is a software to perform program and schedule creation and USB or LAN distribution on a computer.
There are Clean Install module and Update module on this WEB page.
Clean Install module perform clean installation of the newest version.
Update module updates to the newest version from the old version which is installed in a computer ,and transfers your programs and schedules to the newest version.

Authoring software Clean Installation module Ver.
Authoring software update module Ver.

【Important points】

  • Before using this software, update the firmware and loader of media player to the latest version.

Changes in Ver.

  • Six vertical layouts (layouts 37 to 42) have been added.
  • A resolution (1920×480) for the LCD display LCD-X431BT has been added.

Corrections in Ver.

  • Corrected still image preview problems (some portions not displayed, etc.) and restrictions when Internet Explorer® 8 is installed.
  • Corrected errors during previews when an external video input is registered to a program.

Target user

User that has either one of the following models.

Media Player MP-01
Media Player Board SB-L008KU

Operating Environment

Supported OS

Supported OS Clean Install module Update module
Windows 7 Home Edition 32bit -
Windows 7 Professional 32bit -
Windows Vista Business 32bit
Windows Vista Ultimate 32bit
Windows XP Home Edition 32bit
Windows XP Professional 32bit

○ :supported  - :not supported

  • *Microsoft and Windows are registered trademarks of the Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.
  • *Other company and product names listed here are the registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective companies.

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