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FAQ for MediaPlayer

Introduction of the Software

The Loader will update your firmware with the following features.

Loader Ver.4.7 / Ver.5.1 *Note1
  • *Note 1:
    There are two versions of the Loader (Ver.4.7and Ver.5.1) on this web site. The appropriate Loader depends on the manufacturing date of your device.

    Using the following method, check the applicable Loader by displaying the version. From the OSD screen, use the version display of the System menu.

    If V4.xx is displayed: Use Ver. 4.7.  (xx: Indicates any number)
    If V5.xx is displayed: Use Ver. 5.1.

    For the display method of the System menu on the OSD screen, see
    the Update Manual on this page.

You can also check using the serial number of the device. (x: Indicates any number)

  • If the third digit in the serial number is the zero (Example: xx0xxxxxxx): Use Ver. 4.7.
  • If the third digit in the serial number is the number one (Example: xx1xxxxxxx): Use Ver. 5.1.

Changes in Ver.4.7 / Ver.5.1

  • Added support for Media Player board SB-L008KU


If update is performed incorrectly, problems may occur that prevent the Media Player from starting. Carefully read these instructions so that no mistakes occur during the update.
Furthermore, if Media Player malfunctions due to an unexpected event (such as a blackout, lightning, power interruption, or noise) or if the power is down during the rewriting of data, at worst, the device may be damaged and no longer work properly.
Please be aware that, in such a case, the customer is responsible for any repairs.

Target user

User that has either one of the following models.

Media Player MP-01
Media Player Board SB-L008KU


Be sure to read the following notes before updating.


  • Update the firmware only once. After updating once, you do not need to do it again even if you unplug the Media Player.


  1. USB memory
  2. A computer that can read and write USB memory

Procedure for Updating

  1. Check the Loader version of Media Player.

  2. Compare the Loader version on this page and the Loader version of the device. If the former is newer, perform the update.

  3. The update function of Media Player (using USB memory) is used for the update. Perform the update by following the manual below.

  4. After the update is complete, check the system version of Media Player again. If it is the latest version, the update is complete.

For more details, see the update manual.

  • *Microsoft and Windows are registered trademarks of the Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.
  • *Other company and product names listed here are the registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective companies.

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Label affixed to Media Player

Enter the serial number listed on the label affixed to Media Player. Click the download the button.

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