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LT140 / LT84

User's Manual, the Quick Connect Guide and the Interactive remote control

User's Manual and the Quick Connect Guide and "the Interactive remote control" which does the feature of the remote control and the explanation of the menu, being interactive.

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Choose a language from the following file and then click its PDF file name.
language manual file name file size
English User's Manual lt140_manual_e.pdf PDF 673KB
Quick Connect Guide lt140_qg_e.pdf PDF 183KB
Interactive remote control lt140_irc_e.pdf PDF 1,489KB
French User's Manual lt140_manual_f.pdf PDF 685KB
Interactive remote control lt140_irc_f.pdf PDF 1,673KB
German User's Manual lt140_manual_g.pdf PDF 691KB
Interactive remote control lt140_irc_g.pdf PDF 1,672KB
Italian User's Manual lt140_manual_i.pdf PDF 681KB
Interactive remote control lt140_irc_i.pdf PDF 1,661KB
Spanish User's Manual lt140_manual_s.pdf PDF 680KB
Interactive remote control lt140_irc_s.pdf PDF 1,660KB
Swedish User's Manual lt140_manual_w.pdf PDF 673KB
Interactive remote control lt140_irc_w.pdf PDF 1,651KB

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