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NP-PA1004UL-W / NP-PA1004UL-B / NP-PA804UL-W / NP-PA804UL-B

User's Manual and the Quick Setup Guide

To read the manual online, open User's Manual PDF for your language.

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In order to view the full text of these files, you need to obtain a copy of the Adobe Reader for your computer. Click on " Get ADOBE® READER® " icon to link to a site to download Adobe Reader.

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The manual to be consulted differs according to the region in which the projector is to be used.
Check the region and language in the table below, then click the corresponding PDF file.
The manual common to all regions is posted at the very bottom of the page.

For Europe, Asia Pacific

language manual file name file size
English User's Manual PA1004UL_manual_ENG_G_v2.pdf 6.84MB
German User's Manual PA1004UL_manual_GER_G_v2.pdf 6.87MB
French User's Manual PA1004UL_manual_FRA_G_v2.pdf 6.86MB
Italian User's Manual PA1004UL_manual_ITA_G_v2.pdf 6.85MB
Spanish User's Manual PA1004UL_manual_SPA_G_v2.pdf 6.84MB
Portuguese User's Manual PA1004UL_manual_POR_G_v2.pdf 6.83MB
Swedish User's Manual PA1004UL_manual_SWE_G_v2.pdf 6.82MB
Russian User's Manual PA1004UL_manual_RUS_G_v2.pdf 7.01MB
Polish User's Manual PA1004UL_manual_POL_G_v2.pdf 6.91MB
Hungarian User's Manual PA1004UL_manual_HUN_G_v2.pdf 6.89MB
Greek User's Manual PA1004UL_manual_GRE_G_v2.pdf 7.01MB
Turkish User's Manual PA1004UL_manual_TUR_G_v2.pdf 6.84MB
Finnish User's Manual PA1004UL_manual_FIN_G_v2.pdf 6.84MB
Czech User's Manual PA1004UL_manual_CZE_G_v2.pdf 6.88MB
Arabic User's Manual PA1004UL_manual_ARA_G_v2.pdf 8.32MB
Korean User's Manual PA1004UL_manual_KOR_G_v2.pdf 6.90MB
Traditional Chinese User's Manual PA1004UL_manual_TWN_G_v2.pdf 7.17MB
Seventeen languages including English Notice about Zoom Lens NP50ZL PA1004UL_supplement_G.pdf 663KB


language manual file name file size
English User's Manual PA1004UL_manual_ENG_USA.pdf 7.09MB
French User's Manual PA1004UL_manual_FRA_USA.pdf 7.11MB
Spanish User's Manual PA1004UL_manual_SPA_USA.pdf 7.08MB
Portuguese User's Manual PA1004UL_manual_POR_USA.pdf 7.09MB
English, French, Spanish, Portuguese Notice about Zoom Lens NP50ZL PA1004UL_supplement_U-USA.pdf 89KB

For Canada, South America

language manual file name file size
English User's Manual PA1004UL_manual_ENG_CA-SA_v2.pdf 6.74MB
French User's Manual PA1004UL_manual_FRA_CA-SA_v2.pdf 6.77MB
Spanish User's Manual PA1004UL_manual_SPA_CA-SA_v2.pdf 6.74MB
Portuguese User's Manual PA1004UL_manual_POR_CA-SA_v2.pdf 6.74MB
English, French, Spanish, Portuguese Notice about Zoom Lens NP50ZL PA1004UL_supplement_U-CASA.pdf 125KB

For China

language manual file name file size
Simplified Chinese User's Manual PA1004UL_manual_CHI.pdf 7.46MB
Simplified Chinese Quick Setup Guide PA1004UL_QUICK_GUIDE_CH.pdf 835KB
Simplified Chinese Notice about Zoom Lens NP50ZL PA1004UL_supplement_CHI.pdf 65.8KB

Common to all regions

language manual file name file size
Traditional Chinese
Quick Setup Guide PA1004UL_QUICK_GUIDE_UG.pdf 880KB
 Quick Setup Guide PA1004UL_QUICK_GUIDE_G2.pdf 743KB
English Projector/Monitor
Common ASCII
Control Command
Reference Manual
common_ascii_e-r1.pdf 373KB
English Control Command
Authentication Flow
authentication_flow_e-r1.1.pdf 214KB

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