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Dynamic Image Utility 2.0 , Image Express Utility 1.0 , Viewer PPT Converter 2.0

"Dynamic Image Utility 2.0", "Viewer PPT Converter 2.0" will be installed together. The two programs cannot be installed individually.

Software which can be downloaded from this page is the latest version of NEC Projector User Supportware which is stored in the CD-ROM which is attached with MT1075/MT1065/MT1060/VT770/LT260K/LT260/LT240/LT220/GT5000/GT6000/WT600..

The whole functions of Image Express Utility 1.0 and certain functions of Dynamic Image Utility 2.0 are not available on the VT770 because the VT770 does not support network connections.
You can start the program and clicked "Help" to get version information.

To use "Dynamic Image Utility 2.0" and "Image Express Utility 1.0" on computers on which a personal firewall is running, it may be necessary to make certain settings on the personal firewall. If the computer cannot communicate properly with the projector, try changing the personal firewall settings.
For instructions on making the personal firewall settings, either refer to the software's operating instructions or contact the software manufacturer's customer support center.

Dynamic Image Utility 2.0

Version : Ver. 2.00


  • Converts PowerPoint files, JPEG images, and other files and creates slides that can be displayed with the viewer function of the projector.
  • Captures portions of the image from the screens of word processors, spreadsheets, browsers, and other programs for use in presentations.
  • By saving the created slides on a flash memory card (*1) and inserting the card into the PC Card slot of the projector, the slides can be projected to the screen without connecting a personal computer.
  • The connection of personal computers and projectors by means of a network environment (*2) or connection with USB cable(*3) or serial cable allows the following uses. (In a network environment or USB cable connection(*3), support of multiple units is permitted.)
    1. Images and slides can be sent from the personal computer to the projector and then projected to the screen. When using Microsoft PowerPoint 2000/2002/2003, slides can be sent synchronized with the slide show page feed.
    2. A personal computer can be used to switch the projector power on/off, control theadjustment of image quality and other settings, and to display the remaining lamplife.
  • *1 : Please purchase a commercially available PCMCIA Type 2 (ATA specification) flash memory card.
  • *2 : Please check the network environment below.
  • *3 : USB cable connection is not supported by the LT260, LT240, LT220 and VT770.

Correction point to Ver. 2.00

Ver. 2.00.0106 → Ver. 2.00.0114

  • Support of MT1075
  • Support of PowerPoint2003
  • Correct the defect of PoerPoint conversion function in PowerPoint 95 environment.
  • Correct the defect of viewer output option.

Image Express Utility 1.0

Version : Ver. 1.01


  • Using a network environment (*1), this program enables the screen image displayed by the personal computer to be sent to the projector and then projected to a screen.
  • Two methods are available for sending the screen image to the projector. "Continuous Transmit" automatically sends the screen image of the personal computer at a fixed interval. "Single Frame Transmit" sends the screen image by clicking the screen button (or pressing a key).
  • *1 :Please check the network environment below.

Correction point to Ver. 1.01

Ver. 1.01.0005 → Ver. 1.01.0006

  • Support of MT1075.
  • Correct the description in help file.

Viewer PPT Converter 2.0

Version : Ver. 2.00


  • Converts files created with Microsoft PowerPoint 95/97/2000/2002/2003 to an independent index format with a simple operation to enable direct playback with the viewer function of the projector.
  • When using Microsoft PowerPoint 2000/2002/2003, Viewer PPT Converter 2.0 can be started from PowerPoint (by means of add-in registration to PowerPoint).

Correction point to Ver. 2.00

Ver. 2.00.0026 → Ver. 2.00.0029

  • Support of PowerPoint 2003
  • Correct the defect in PowerPoint 95 environment

Operating Environment

Supported Projector (MODEL NO.)

  • MT1065 / MT1060 / MT1075 / MT860
  • LT240K / LT260K / LT220 / LT240 / LT260
  • GT6000 / GT5000
  • WT600
  • VT770

Operating Environment

Supported Hardware IBM PC/AT compatible computers
  • Pentium MMX processor or higher a requirement
  • Pentium III 800MHz or higher recommended
Memory Windows XP
  • 128 MB or more a requirement
  • 192 MB or more recommended
For other operating systems
  • 64 MB or more a requirement
  • 128 MB or more recomended
*More memory may be necessary if running other applications at the same time.
Supported OS Windows 98
Windows 98 SecondEdition
Windows Me
Windows 2000 Professional
Windows XP HomeEdition
Windows XP Professional
Windows XP Tablet PC Edition
* Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.01 or higher is required for the aforementioned environments.
* Does not support Windows power-saving function.
Network Environment
(when used):
A LAN that supports TCP/IP or a wireless LAN environment is a requirement.
  • For information on supported LAN cards, visit:
  • For wireless LAN connection, use NEC optional wireless LAN card (SWL-2100N-N*).
* Last digit of the model code varies depending on which country you live in. For more information, visit the above website.
* To use this software on Intel ® CentrinoTM mobile technology based computer and communicate to the projector using 801.11AdHoc mode, please turn on the computer before the projector.
If you turn on the power to the projector before your computer starts up, it may be unable to communicate using 802.11AdHoc mode.
Resolution 1024 dots × 768 lines recommended.
(800 dots × 600 lines recommended for LT220 and MT860)
Screen Colors High Color (15 bit, 16 bit)
True Color (24 bit, 32 bit)

Installation instruction

When using Windows 2000, please perform software installation/uninstalling with "Administrators" authority. Whenn using Windows XP, perform with "Computer Administrator" authority.

The start-up way

From the [ Start ] menu click [ Program ] → [ NEC Projector User Supportware ] → [ Dynamic Image Utility 2.0 ] , [ Viewer PPT Converter 2.0 ] or [ Image Express Utility 1.0 ].
Each program will start.

Go to download

Notification: About the company name in the “Software License Agreement”
The company name described in the “Software License Agreement” for the software is the old company name.
Please read the company name as the new company name.
Old: NEC Display Solutions, Ltd.
New: Sharp NEC Display Solutions, Ltd.

Choose a filename from the following list.

language file name file size
English Dynamic Image Utility 2.0
Viewer PPT Converter 2.0
(These will be installed together.)
Image Express Utility 1.0
NEC Software Utility Installation Guide

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