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Previous correction point

Image Express Utility Lite

Previous correction point

Ver. 1.16 → Ver. 1.17

  • Support of Windows 10.
  • Support of
    • NP-P502W/NP-P452W/NP-P502H/NP-P452H

Ver. 1.14 → Ver. 1.16

  • Supports the multiple connections feature.
  • Support of
    • NP-UM352W
    • NP-M403X/NP-M363X/NP-M323X/NP-M283X/NP-M403W/NP-M363W/NP-M323W
    • NP-M333XS/NP-M353WS/NP-M303WS
    • NP-M403H/NP-M323H
    • NP-P502WL/NP-P502HL
  • Improved some UIs.
  • Fixed some minor problems.
  • End of support for Windows XP.

Ver. 1.13 → Ver. 1.14

  • Support of
    • NP-UM361X/NP-UM301X/NP-UM351W/NP-UM301W
  • Fixed some minor problems.

Ver. 1.10 → Ver. 1.13

  • Support of
    • NP-M332XS/NP-M352WS/NP-M302WS
    • NP-PA721X/NP-PA621X/NP-PA671W/NP-PA571W/NP-PA621U/NP-PA521U
    • NP-M402X/NP-M362X/NP-M322X/NP-M282X/NP-M402W/NP-M362W/NP-M322W
    • NP-M402H
  • Support of Windows 8.1.
  • Solved the problem that the mouse cursor is not transmitted to the projector when using the extended monitor.
  • Fixed some minor problems.

Ver. 1.09 → Ver. 1.10

  • Solved the problem that part of the desktop screen is not transmitted to the projector from the Surface Pro(Windows 8 Pro).
  • Changed so as to inactivate the GCT button on the control window in the following case.CASE: Size of text and other items of display settings on Windows 7/8 is set to other than 100%, and the GCT function is not available.
  • Added notes about support models of movie streaming function on to the help.

Ver. 1.08 → Ver. 1.09

  • Supports the geometric correction mode without authentication.
  • Fixed a bug that the movie streaming function will not work if you change the network connection on "Connect to" window.
  • Solved the other accumulated problems.

Ver. 1.07 → Ver. 1.08

  • Supports NP-P501X/NP-P451X/NP-P451W/NP-P401W
  • Supports NP-PE501X, but available only USB Display function.
  • Supports the sound transmission function.
  • Supports the movie streaming function.

Ver. 1.06 → Ver. 1.07

  • Support of Windows 8.

Ver. 1.05 → Ver. 1.06

  • Supports NP-M361X/NP-M311X/NP-M271X/NP-M311W/NP-M271W and NP-UM330X/NP-UM280X/NP-UM330W/NP-UM280W.
  • Supports starting from removable media.
  • Modified to display the application name in the alert that is displayed when communication failure.
  • Fixed a bug that even if there is no network connection, this application will be started.

Ver. 1.04 → Ver. 1.05

  • Support of 64-bit version of Windows 7/Windows Vista.
  • Solved the problem of acquisition failure of IP address, which occasionally occurs when trying "EASY CONNECTION" over two times.
  • Solved the problem of connection failure via a wireless LAN on the PC (only Windows 7) with "Microsoft Virtual WIFI Miniport Adapter".
  • Solved the problem of decline of transmission rate of USB display on the PC with high-performance CPU.
  • Solved the problem of geometric correction failure, which occurs on the PC which secondary display is enumerated before primary display.
  • Solved the problem of restoration failure of hardware accelerator setting, which occurs when simultaneous execution error is displayed.
  • Solved the other accumulated problems.
  • Replacement of images in "HELP" of Japanese/English/Simplified Chinese.

Ver. 1.03 → Ver. 1.04

  • Support of
    • NP-PA600X / NP-PA500X / NP-PA550W / NP-PA500U
  • Default change of grid number in multi-point correction and parameter correction of GCT function.
  • Solved the problem that authentication of GCT gets expired, which occasionally occurs when switching input terminal to others from the terminals ( Net work or USB Display) in use for this software.
  • Solved the problem that USB Display is not available for about 30 seconds, which occasionally occurs when after connecting projector to PC via a USB cable, without using USB Display terminal, shutting down the software through the control window.
  • Solved the problem that other projectors get uncontrollable through the control window, which occasionally occurs when images are transferred to more than three projectors and the power of one of those projectors gets off.
  • Modification of the caption of Help in Chinese (Simplified Chinese).
  • Update to the images posted in Help in Japanese/ English / Chinese (Simplified Chinese) .
    The Images of Step2 on the page : “Reference – GCT – about GCT – Device certification”

Ver. 1.00 → Ver. 1.03

  • Support of
    • NP-M350X / NP-M300X / NP-M260X / NP-M230X / NP-M300W / NP-M260W
    • NP-M350XS / NP-M300XS / NP-M260XS / NP-M300WS / NP-M260WS
    • NP-M420X / NP-M420XV
    • NP-P420X / NP-P350X / NP-P350W
  • Add the GCT function.
  • Solved the problem of sudden power shutdown which occurs occasionally during the PowerPoint images are transferred.

Ver. 1.00

  • First Release

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