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Desktop Control Utility 1.0 ( Ver. 1.02 ) , Image Express Utility 2.0 ( Ver. 1.02 )

Software which can be downloaded from this page is the latest version of NEC Projector User Supportware which is stored in the CD-ROM which is attached with NEC Projector.

You can start the program and clicked "Help" to get version information.

To use "Image Express Utility 2.0" and "Desktop Control Utility 1.0" on computers on which a personal firewall is running, it may be necessary to make certain settings on the personal firewall. If the computer cannot communicate properly with the projector, try changing the personal firewall settings.
For instructions on making the personal firewall settings, either refer to the software's operating instructions or contact the software manufacturer's customer support center.

Desktop Control Utility 1.0

Version : Ver. 1.02


This software cannot be installed in Windows Vista / 7.
Uses a network connection to operate a remote personal computer from the projector.

  • A USB mouse is connected to the projector, and is used to operate the personal computer.
  • By using Desktop Control Utility 1.0, you can project presentation materials (such as PowerPoint slideshows) from the projector without moving your personal computer to the conference room.

Correction point to Ver. 1.02

1.01.0003 → 1.02.0124

  • Correct to display a warning message when this software will be installed into Windows Vista.

Image Express Utility 2.0

Version : Ver.1.02


This software cannot be installed in Windows Vista / 7.
Uses an original compression algorithm to transfer high-quality images from your personal computer to the projector at high speed over the network.

Correction point to Ver. 2.05

1.01.0003 → 1.02.0124

  • Correct to display a warning message when this software will be installed into Windows Vista.

Operating Environment

Supported Projector (MODEL NO.)

  • LT265 / LT245
  • WT615 / WT610

Operating Environment

The following is the operating environment for Image Express Utility 2.0. For the operating environment of the other software, please refer to the Help function of each software.

Supported Hardware IBM PC/AT compatible computers
CPU Sender Personal Computer
  • Pentium MMX processor required
  • Pentium III 800MHz or higher recommended
Recipient Personal Computer
  • Pentium III 800MHz required
  • Pentium III 1.2GHz or higher recommended
Memory Windows XP
  • 128 MB required
  • 192 MB or higher recommended
Windows 2000
  • 64 MB required
  • 128 MB or higher recommended
*More memory may be necessary if running other applications at the same time.
Supported OS Windows 2000 Professional
Windows XP Home Edition
Windows XP Professional
* Windows power-saving function is not supported.
This software cannot be installed in Windows Vista.
Network Environment TCP/IP-compatible LAN or wireless LAN environment required.
Resolution 1024 × 768 dots recommended
Screen Colors High Color (15 bit, 16 bit)
True Color (24 bit, 32 bit)
* 256 colors and below are not supported.

Installation instruction

When installing / uninstalling software in Windows XP, you must log on as a user with " Computer Administrator " rights.
For Windows 2000, log on as a user with " Administrators " rights. If former version of " Image Express Utility 2.0 " or " Desktop Control Utility 1.0 " is already installed on your computer, please uninstall it before proceeding to the installation process.

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