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ArcSoft MediaImpression Version Upgrade Patch


The patch to upgrade the ArcSoft MediaImpression contained in the Projector application CD-ROM.

Correction point

  • New release

Target CD-ROM

NEC Projector User Supportware 6 (7N951311)

Supported Projector (MODEL NO.) : NP3250/NP2250/NP1250/NP3250W

  • NOTE:Upgraded Version is included in the 2nd version CD-ROM (7N951312).

Version check

Select [Extras] - [About...], and you can see the version number in the lower right screen.

Upgrade procedures

When installing / uninstalling software, you must log on as a user with " Administrator " rights.
Upgrade procedures

  1. Confirm the version.
  2. When the version is “”, execute the downloaded file (MediaImpressionPatch.exe) and follow the on-screen instructions to upgrade.
  3. When the version is “” or later, upgrading is not necessary.

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