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PC Control Utility 1.0

Version : Ver. 1.00.840


PC Control Utility is the application used to control a projector with a personal computer.

There is "the logo transfer feature" which transfers a picture (logo screen ) to the projector to be display when a source is not connect.

PC Control Utility which can be downloaded from this home page is the latest version of PC Control Utility stored on the CD-ROM supplied with LT/MT series, GT950 and GT1150.

With this version after PC Control Utility start up, the version information will be shown when HELP is selected.
If there is no HELP button or if the version information is not shown then the PC Control Utility version is not the latest.

When the PC Control Utility download is successfully completed the version information will be available to display.

Correction point to Ver. 1.00.840

Ver. 1.00830 → Ver. 1.00840

  • Support of HT1000 / LT220 / LT240 / LT260 / LT240K / LT260K / MT860 / MT1060 / MT1065 / WT600.

Operating Environment

Supported Projector (MODEL NO.)

  • GT950 / GT1150
  • HT1000
  • LT157 / LT158 / LT154 / LT155 / LT156 / LT150Z / LT85 / LT150 / LT84 / LT140 / LT220 / LT240 / LT260 / LT240K / LT260K
  • MT850 / MT1050 / MT1055 / MT840 / MT1040 / MT1045 / MT840E / MT1040E / MT1045E / MT860 / MT1056 / MT1060 / MT1065
  • WT600

The system requirements

Supported OS
  • Windows 95
  • Windows 98
  • Windows Me
  • Windows NT4.0 (SP3 or later)
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP
CPU It is the same with the CPU of the above OS operation condition.
RAM It is the same with the CPU of the above OS operation condition.
The HDD free disk space 9 MB
The serial terminal The D-sub9 pin

The exclusive use serial cable

This function is used with the projector and the personal computer connected by a serial cable.

MT / LT Series, GT950

8-pin Mini DIN to 9-pin D-sub connector
MT Series, GT950:

  • Use the serial cable supplied with the projector.

LT Series:

  • Use the optional serial cable of CA03D or the serial cable that is supplied with the optional LT40RT full-function remote control unit for the LT140/84.

Use a commercially available serial cable (i.e., reverse, D-sub 9-pin to D-sub 9-pin).
Note that when the optional LAN module of GT50LAN is attached to the GT1150, the LAN connection can be used instead of a serial cable connection. (A commercially available LAN cable is required.)

Download file format

Self-extracting exe file

Installation instruction

When using Windows NT4.0 (SP3 or later) / 2000 / XP, please perform software installation / uninstalling with "Administrators" authority.

  1. Clicks on the download file.
  2. Specifies to save the file, then click the "OK" button.
  3. Uninstall the former version of PC Card Viewer Utility 1.0 after the download is successfully completed.
  4. With the download completes, all application executes file.
  5. When the installer starts up, follow these instruction.

The start-up way

A program icon is created in installation, click it.

Go to download

Sorry, you cannot download these contents on this page from Cuba, Iran, Korea(North), Syria, Ukraine(Crimean region). These software programs and manuals subject to U.S. Export Administration Regulations. We shall not reexport or release them to the national below, without a license by BIS (a section of U.S. Government).

Notification: About the company name in the “Software License Agreement”
The company name described in the “Software License Agreement” for the software is the old company name.
Please read the company name as the new company name.
Old: NEC Display Solutions, Ltd.
New: Sharp NEC Display Solutions, Ltd.

Choose a filename from the following list.

language file name file size
English PCU100840_ENG.exe 1.50MB
French PCU100840_FRA.exe 4.67MB
German PCU100840_GER.exe 4.67MB
Italian PCU100840_ITA.exe 4.66MB
Spanish PCU100840_SPA.exe 4.66MB
Swedish PCU100840_SWE.exe 4.66MB

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