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ECO Standards

Under the circumstances of the global environmental issues of global warming and the exhaustion of natural resources, NEC Display Solutions recognizes that environmental activities are the responsibility of the company, and we are working to reduce the environmental load of our business activities. In our production activities, we intend to contribute to the construction of a sustainable society by designing and developing products that coexist with nature and by consistently considering the environment in materials procurement, production facilities, production methods, and recycling.


An environmental labeling system managed by a Swedish certification organization that has a wide range of prerequisites, including environmental countermeasures, ergonomics, energy saving, low frequency electromagnetic fields, and safety.

TCO Edge

A supplementary certification for products that satisfy TCO certification. This certification identifies advanced products and technologies that greatly exceed the requirements of the existing ecological certification program.

Energy Star

A standard established and certified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. This international energy-saving program for office products protects our rich global environment.


A comprehensive evaluation system for the environmental effects of American electronics, with management and registration by an independent American corporation. After all necessary standards have been met, a rank of Gold, Silver, or Bronze is given based on the percentage of optional standards met.
*The percentages for Gold, Silver, and Bronze are 75% or higher, 50% or higher, and less than 50%, respectively.

J-MOSS Greenmark

JIS C 0950:2008 (J-Moss) is a Japanese industrial standard that prescribes the display methods for the amounts of specific chemical substances in electronics. The J-Moss Green Mark indicates that the amounts of regulated chemicals are equal to or less than the standard values.

PC Green Label

A standard established and certified by the PC3R Promotion Association. This environmental standard evaluates business approaches, such as whether design considers the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, and recycle).

Eco Symbol

An environmental label applied to products that satisfy the environmental standards independently set by NEC. Conditions include the preservation of advanced performance and a guarantee of transparency.

Eco Symbol Star

An environmental label given to advanced eco-friendly products that are positioned as the best-in-class Eco products of NEC.

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