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About the confirmed wired network adapters


  • Operation of wired connection with below network adapters are confirmed, but does not guarantee all the functions of these adapters.
  • Some of the adapters have USB hub function, but this function is not confirmed.
  • We do not guarantee all the revision / version of the below adapters.
  • For the connection method, please refer to the user's manual of each wired network adapter. Installation of the drivers on the MultiPresenter Stick is not necessary.
  • For details of the below wired network adapter, please contact each manufacturer.

Wired network adapters

Manufacturer Model number Date confirmed
IO DATA US3-HB3ETG 2017/01/23 USB2100 2017/01/23 USB31000S 2017/01/23
ANKER AK-A7611011 2017/01/23
UGREEN CR110 2017/01/23
UGREEN CR111 2017/01/23

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