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TCO Certified Models (TCO Projectors Certification)

TCO Certified Models

TCO Certification was developed by TCO Development in Sweden as international specifications to regulate product usability and environmental impact in a wide range of fields.

The NP410 and NP215 are the first projectors in the world to meet these criteria.

TCO Certified Projector 1.0 products

TCO Certification strictly stipulates various product features, including

  1. acoustic noise levels
  2. power modes such as Eco mode and Standby mode
  3. energy consumption
  4. the prohibition of environmentally hazardous substances
  5. provisions for recycling.

Image quality such as contrast ratio, colour uniformity, and colour gamut also have strict regulations.

The document that can be downloaded from this page is provided by TCO Development, and it gives an overview of the objectives and requirements of the TCO Projector guidelines.

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